Saturday, October 15, 2011


It's like Christmas morning came early. Behold, my latest acquisitions. Thank you so much Big Brother for my new 60D and tripod (See, I need it for school)! I am one grateful little sister. Really. :)

Jeffrey Campbell inspired shoes, furry and sequined blazers, furry top and glittery gold knit cropped top all from F-Stop (thank you Melai for the generous discounts and freebies!). Blush pink maxi from Summersault, Black pleated midi skirt, zebra bustier dress, lilac laser cut jacket, snakeskin skirt all thrifted, high-waist shorts from Vintageforever shop, tassel necklace from Bubbles, fringe bags from Peacock and Stripes, hair bleach and dyes (can't believe I'm really going to subject my hair to so much dyeing and *gulps* bleaching!), color block watch, and my newest addition to my bookshelf, My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares (I'm done reading it though).

Because I don't have an outfit blog entry to post (yet), thought I'd make a post out of all these instead. Hey, sharing is caring! :)



  1. Hmmm.. I'm thinking of reading that book! What's it about? :) Maganda ba?

  2. Hmm, that's a hard question to answer Nettie. Haha! It's definitely a sad love story and there was hardly a moment where it made me smile. It's a good book though(plot-wise) as it tackles reincarnation, attempts to explain the feeling of deja vu, and shows us love that literally transcends time. The main protagonist has lived many lives kasi and carries "The Memory", the ability to remember his past lives. Because he remembers, he also couldn't forget his one and only love Sophia. Unfortunately, Sophia doesn't have the gift of "memory" so it's up to him to make her remember him and their love in every lifetime. The words flow smoothly naman and very easy to read although honestly I didn't like the characters so much (especially the antagonist and the lady love in the story--flat antagonist wtf?)coz I thought they were underdeveloped. Pero it's the first in a trilogy so maybe the next two books will be better. Read and judge it for yourself nalang. Plus I've read the Time Traveller's Wife na kasi kaya lagi ko nacocompare dun. Interesting siya especially the reincarnation part. I'd still recommend that you give it a shot. :)

  3. thank you jonessa for blogging about f-stop items! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Loving all these items! <3

  5. Wow this does feel like christmas! haha!:) Love the animal prints and cute watch!

  6. parang christmas na nga..:P I love all the items esp the dslr..:D


  7. Cool purchases, I seriously love your purple bowler hat in the post below btw.

  8. Canon! Yay! Go Canon users :)) Have fun with your new acquisitions dear

  9. oh em!!!! merry xmas jonessa! haha.. lovely stuff you got there.. lucky you!! <3


  10. Aww thank you so much wonderful people for the sweet comments! :)


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