Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whatever You Say Cruella

What I wore to Bea's 18th! Very Cruella Devil lang ang peg (only it's in Zebra print)! Don't you think that this hairy (or furry?) jacket that I got from F-stop is a perfect transitioning garment for Fall? Yeaaa, sucks that we don't have it---Fall, I mean---here in the Philly. But not having it didn't stop me from wearing this jacket. Hmm, I didn't exactly wear it, I just casually draped it on my shoulders as if it were a cape. I loved how different the outfit looked when I wore it as a jacket and when it just rested on my cold shoulders in a blasé manner. Amazing how a simple detail such as this can change (in a subtle way) an entire look. And this dress. It was originally my mom's and I just had it altered and turned into a tube dress. You can see here that it used to be a Sabrina-cut dress. Anyway, I noticed that I wear this shoes to parties too much when it's really the most uncomfortable pair I own. That's why whenever I wear this, I always end up barefoot or wearing flip-flops (but most of the time barefoot haha). *Sighs* I never learn! But on Bea's debut, I wore my friend's flip-flops and put it back on when I had to walk down the red-carpet for an impromptu fashion show---and I won an award btw. *Blushes* You are biased, my dear friend. Haha. :)

dress- mom's
shoes- Parisian
clutch- Accessorize
jacket- F-stop


  1. LOVELY in love with the jacket, heels, dress, bag....love it
    Chari T (fried stilettos)

  2. How tall are you ? :)

  3. Thank you Chari T and Maria Kristela!

    I'm only 5"2, Anon. :)

  4. Ang pretty talaga ni jonessa! :)

  5. Aww thank you so much Denise! :)

  6. fierce!! you look so glam in thattfit!! ou

  7. Thank you Liezyl and nomadic fashionista! I'm glad I achieved the look that i was going for :)

  8. LOL I'm not biased dear. :) It's just that you're soooo gorgeous on that night that everyone, *even my angkan haha* liked you very much! =) Sila pa nga nagpauso ng chant mong "zebra! zebra!" Hahaha =)

    so I had no choice, you're the peoples champ when it comes to fashion! :>

  9. HAHAHA! Ay meh ganon Bea? Kaloka di ko keri! :)) Nakakaflatter atey! Salamat dahil you guys are forever supportive sa akin i love ittt! :)

  10. OFcourse, golf course! :) Forever support! Volt-in! Haha! =))
    Kahit matuluyan ka pang maging kabayo, susuportahan ka namin! =))


    Hang-out soon! :)


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