Monday, October 10, 2011


This fringe necklace and tan satchel have been regular accessories to my outfits in school the past weeks. They go with just about anything and they instantly spruce up a rather plain jane attire. I wore the first outfit to school although I changed into my trusted pair of jeans because there is no way I'd wear shorts that tiny to school without being sent to the D.O. for breaking our conservative dress code policy and I didn't even think of wearing tights underneath it 'coz that would just make the outfit more uncomfortable for me. Besides, I'm more comfortable in jeans than in shorts. I wear jeans 90% of the time in school. But you don't see that often here on the blog 'coz they're usually not blog-worthy. Haha! But when I'm not in school, then I go all out with skirts, shorts etc! And that's what you see here (most of the time). :)

The second set of photos (the black and white ones) were taken by my college BFF Anna Banana at Ivy Hill in Taft (Anna's condo just across school). We were shooting our 2 to 3-minute film for our video production class and I was directing our team's director of photography (fancy name for cameraman) and talent. I'm practically ID 110 (pronounced as one-ten, I'm originally ID 109--one-oh-nine parang james bond lang eh haha) now because I deferred for 2 terms. Back then, I couldn't go a single night without crying thinking that it was the worst decision I've ever made. I wanted to finish school on time, finish it in just 3 years time. That was the plan. But now that I'm past that, I think that decision wasn't so bad after all. Now, I don't feel like I'm always racing against time. All I have to do is do things at my own pace. Anyway, I'm quite happy that I'm reunited with Anna Banana (you don't know how much that girl makes me happy!) and we shall be thesis-mates together with Meli. After all, school wouldn't be as fun without the company of friends. And that day (when we shot our video) was proof of that adage. Even though we only had to shoot a few scenes--15 screenshots to be exact but took us 60 takes--half of our day went into it. But it was so much fun because I was working with not just random schoolmates but with my friends! Our video prolly took that long to shoot because we were laughing most of the time. Haha! We had this elevator scene so naturally we had to shoot inside the elevator. What a sight we must've been to the peeps who went to use the lift. We--me, the camerawoman Kat, screenwriter/BFF Anna and our two actors plus the bulky camera, tripod and dolly--were cramped inside that small place trying to shoot, control the elevator, usher in the people and also trying to keep ourselves from laughing when we make a mistake. In the end, that elevator became a sauna. Yep. Haha!

PS. Eeep. I'm trying to grow my fringe out (for the nth time!) but I cut it even before it becomes looong enough to be considered as "not bangs" because well...just look at my face in those photos! My cheekbones are as high as skyscrapers and are so very prominent when my fringe is in that awkward stage! Eck. What do you think? Grow it out or not? A 'lil help please? :)

blouse- mom's
gray tank- Landmark
fringe necklace- Bubbles
satchel- Coconut Gold
brogues- from Taiwan



  1. I love those brogues! Wish I could rock brogues like you do!

  2. i love your look babe! as always you are pretty! :)

  3. thank youuuu Gillian, Anne and Denise! :)

  4. Love love the brogues on you! :)) So chic! :DD the satchel and those brogues are complimenting perfectly!


  5. Aww thank you for the sweet comments Dianne. :)


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