Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who Is But The Form Following The Function Of What

A little disclaimer before I begin? This is not a serious review, no, not at all. I just want to express my adoration for this film. V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies and I was able to watch it again last night before I slept. *laughs* I love it for multiple reasons. One is the plot, of course. It just gets better every time I watch it, probably because my understanding for it becomes clearer and deeper as I mature. It's different from when I used to watch it back in HS with the shallow reason of crushing big-time on V and because Natalie Portman's in it. Another reason why I love it is because of the acting. Hugo Weaving played V’s character very commendably. I mean, just the fact that he’s covered up and wearing a mask for heaven’s sake but can still evoke powerful emotions with the slight tipping of his head to one side when he speaks, the hand gestures and his upright posture all done in a subtle way and not in a theatrical/exaggerated manner to the point that it’s comical---say so much about him as an effective actor! You have to watch it for yourself to get what I mean. This film is just so damn good. It never fails to stir up some strong emotions (one of which is something that's close to patriotism) within me after every watch. One last reason why I adore this film so much is because of the protagonist, V! Did I mention that he’s one of my biggest Fictional Character Crushes? I'm weird like that. But really, how could you not admire someone like him? Yes, I’m perfectly aware that he’s wearing a creepy Guy Fawkes mask and beneath it is a disfigured man who’s a freedom fighter but all eccentricities aside, he’s a beacon of hope, a gentleman, a bibliophile and has an awesome alliteration skill (dare spout words that begin in V continuously?). Hahaha! Yes, definitely crush-able. 

And now I leave you with this. Proof of V's awesome sauce alliteration skill ('tis my fave part actually, I learned a lot of new words 'coz of this haha):

picture/video source: Tumblr, Google and YouTube


  1. Haha so cute that you have a crush on V :)

  2. Hee. But V is such a charismatic and intelligent character(very mysterious too)so i see no reason why he can't be crush-worthy. Haha! Thank you though that you find it cute. :D

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