Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be Right Back

I shall leave for Bicol, our province, tomorrow to visit my grandparents' graves and celebrate Halloween there (and maybe go to a resort). So far, packing light is proving to be difficult and challenging (as you can observe for yourself) because my luggage is quite full already and doesn't have enough room for my pambahay clothes anymore. But enough of my silly woes I'm sure I can squeeze in a few more pieces here and there. I will be away for a week and won't be able to update my blog much---not that I blog regularly haha---but I will definitely miss it. I'm already preparing for a blogging withdrawal---have you also experienced this sort of thing? :)

It saddens me that I won't be leaving an outfit post to compensate for my being away for a week and all I have here instead are photos of books that I have read (rather slowly) in the past weeks and my favorite lines and passages from Emma and The Great Gatsby. I'm currently reading Emma and will bring it with me to Bicol and let me just say that reading a classic is both a pleasure and a pain. A pleasure, because it transports you into another period of time, lets you have a glimpse of what life was like in that era but it is also a pain because of the language, to be honest. It is a lovely language, yes. It is by no means flowery but it has a lovely cadence to it that I greatly enjoy especially when I read it aloud to myself. But I cannot deny that those words can sometimes be overwhelming and a bit too much for my "21st-century-young-adult-novels-reading-self". Haha! I sometimes find myself stuck registering a line/paragraph (oh the old fashioned English wit!) or spacing out. And when I have managed to comprehend it at last, a new word/phrase presents itself to me. That's why I have my handy dictionary glued to my side every time I read Emma or any classic novel for that matter. The first time I skimmed it, I was in 3rd year HS. A page took me at least 20 minutes to understand---because I had to consult the dictionary after every few words---that I gave up on reading it entirely. Now though, I am far from giving up. It is such a reward to read it. Haha! 

My Name is Memory was a breeze to read. Animal farm by George Orwell was not hard to understand at all especially because I already read it in 1st yr HS for our English class, though I must say that I understand its meaning and satirical nature much better now. Then I started reading The Great Gatsby which was given to me by an important person in my life then. He hoped that I would enjoy reading it as much as he did...but honestly, I just couldn't bring myself to like it. I'm so sorry. Haha! I know how much he was greatly interested in the Great Depression/Jazz Age which, If I can recall correctly, was somehow connected to the birth of his favorite superhero, Superman. It wasn't that hard to read, I just didn't feel connected to the narrator and the characters although I did love the vivid imagery (scenes of the extravagant 20's lifestyle) painted to me by the author and Gatsby's undying yet twisted love for Daisy (it's amazing how one can love a person so much that it twists one's perception). It was a tragic story.

It appears that I have rambled again, so let me end this post by saying that "I'll be right back!" :)



  1. lovely photos and passages :)

  2. Why thank you Anon, I'm glad that you like it, really. :)

  3. Hi Jonessa! I'm an avid reader. It's so nice to hear that you're from Bicol...I'm Bicolana too. :) I've read My Name is Memory din, and I loved it. :)

  4. Aww. Hi Paulette! Glad to know a fellow Bicolana here! I liked My Name is Memory. Interesting plot don't you think? Although it could've been developed more, especially the characters. :) Thanks for commenting btw! :)

  5. packing really is the least favorite part when travelling. nice books btw!

  6. Thank you Liezyl. Yes, i never did like packing :))


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