Thursday, December 8, 2011


Here's what I wore to the very successful Bloggers United 2 event last Saturday at Treston International College. My grade school chum and fellow blogger Nicole and I helped out as program coordinators for the said event and since the task required a lot of moving, we chose to wear something sheer and flowy. This outfit was comfy and breezy I didn't get all sweaty and sticky even after the day ended. Fresh-freshan lang ang peg hihi. And this pair of JC Campbell-esque heels that I bought from F-stop wasn't hard to walk in at all. Although I did wear my cute pink flats after and in between breaks but it was quite a feat wearing 5-6 inch-heels the whole day without my feet getting blisters and bruises (or maybe tripping) for someone like me who wears ballets flats and brogues most of the time. That was a feat for my feet! (Sorry I just had to let that rhyme! Haha!) Anyway, I had a blast and I'm really glad I came this time. I got to meet other bloggers and a few readers as well plus I was able to help Aisa, Melai, and Ana that day even in my own simple little way. Gosh, they were all so busy you can't help but admire them for all their effort! Cheers! You make bloggers and readers happy not to mention your chosen charity! :)

P.S. More photos about BU2 on my next post!

lace cropped top- The Ramp
maxi skirt- Summersault
shoes- F-Stop
floral wristwatch- Guess
pearl necklaces and belt- Landmark
gold cuff- thrifted


  1. i like your maxi skirt and i am so jealous with everyone who went to bu2. hopefully, i can visit bu3. can't wait for it!

  2. you're so pretty!

  3. Thank you guys!

    Chyrel- Me too! Cant wait for BU3! :)

  4. Just as good as your last post. Do you accept advertisers?
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  5. lovely skirt and I also wanted a JC shoes :)

  6. Thanks Roxanne! Go order from F-stop. It's much cheaper than a real JC of course! :)

  7. Hi Jonessa! You look very pretty. I admire you so much even though I just saw your blog-posts recently. Anyways, just continue what you are doing because you serve as an inspiration to all young fashionistas out there. You got my support. xoxo



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