Friday, December 9, 2011

Bloggers United II

Heya guys! As promised, here are more photos from the Bloggers United Bazaar II taken last Saturday at Treston International College in Bonifacio Global City. En and I were there starting at 9:30 am to 10 pm so we really got to witness how successful the event was! The place was packed the whole day!
Thank you so much to BU2's generous sponsors! The giveaways were overflowing that day (I swear)! It's impossible to leave the place empty-handed.
Aisa and Melai were our mother dears that day! Hehe.
 Melai, Catch and JR. :)
 Lissa Kahayon and David Guison.
 I finally have a photo with her! Lissa was my girl crush when she was still in college. I'd see her in school kasi all dressed-up and not giving a damn if people were ogling and I admired her for that. Haha!
 Reese Lansangan of Dressed-up Days. I really love her style! So eclectic! :)
 Vern Enciso with En. :)
 Krissy and Reg. :)
 Kookie's sooo cute and mabait! Fasyooown pa! Her outfit and Aisa's were my faves that day!
 Aie looking so cute while manning her booth. :)
 Love Chic's Seph and Shai.
 Bestie of The Capricious Club. Don't you just love her vintage-looking dress? So cute! :)
 Grade school BFFs unite! Haha!
 Aww I really appreciate that these two girls came even though it was really late na. :)
 Rachelle and her not-so-little-brother. Haha! Would you believe that Angelo is only 15?
 Me with Ava and Ms. Sarah. :)
 Aivan and Paul.
 with Tin Iglesias! :)
 with Anne Garais. Such a sweet and friendly girl. :)
 Me and En with Denise! :)
Our day ended by having dinner with my high school friends Mel and Deb at Serendra. I'm so glad and thankful that I didn't miss BU this time. Not only did I score some great pieces at such affordable prices but I also got to meet my favorite bloggers! God knows how I get all anxious and shy when meeting new people but everyone was just so friendly that I didn't get panicky at all. I would also like to thank Melai, Ana and Aisa for everything and of course the whole BU team for making this bazaar and meet-and-greet-with-bloggers happen. Now I'm excited for part 3! Haha! :)

photo credits: Nicole Santos, Aie Corpuz, Anne Garais


  1. I love the post! :) Didn't get to see you there, but I saw Nicole! :)

    Godbless more!
    Marie :)

  2. Jonessa! Super thanks for helping us out at manpower. You and nicole rock! :) ^__^

    We really appreciate all your effort! I'm thankful we've made such a relationship way back when I first got you for F-STOP. You guys are so dependable and reliable! :) Glad to have you guys!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Oh how I wish you'd all visit Iloilo. I really want to go

  4. yes, it was really humid inside the event...and my feet hurt like hell but it was ALL WORTH IT! :D i can see you bought pala my fellow Cebu blogger's black tiered shirt...i wanted to get it pa naman..hihi. <3

    ps. love love your pink skirt...<3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. Thanks Marie! Sayang!

    Melai- Awww thank you sooo much din talaga for everything! Sulit naman kasi ang saya! :)

    Nadin- You'll never know...malay mo one day magkatotoo yan! :)

    Faye- Hihi i love it nga eh! Thanks! :)

  6. Lisa and you look like sisters. Separated by birth lang? XD

  7. it was so nice to finally meet you personaly jonessa!! :))) wee, ang saya lng. :)


  8. You look super pretty that day love! =)


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