Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Candy Colors

Here's a midi skirt post yet again! It just fits my personality so much that I couldn't put it to rest yet. I think this kind of skirt gives off a vintage-y vibe to any outfit. And that's exactly why I love the midi. Let's just say I'm a bit old fashioned in a lot of ways. But back to the outfit, this reminds me of my favorite era (the 50's) because of its silhouette---what with the cinched waist, Sabrina cut neckline, and the longer skirt---so I'm quite satisfied with how this look turned out though it may be a bit too conservative for some. Haha! I wore this to the Bloggers United x Moonleaf Sendong Fundraising Bazaar on the 23rd btw. More on that on my next post!

Ahh I hope this entry doesn't strike you as too disjointed and incoherent. I'm having a hard time organizing my thoughts at the moment 'coz I can't write when it's noisy (music included). And right now I am in the middle of chaos. Chaos that is brought about by my siblings and niece who are thrashing and playing around like a bunch of eels. Add to that the constant yelping of our dog, Tyler, who gets easily excited and jealous whenever the kids would get within a few feet of each other. And my older sister is currently whispering silly things in my ear. Ayayay...why am I the only normal one in the family? Hahahaha!

top- Mom's
skirt- Anagon
shoes- Parisian Jr.
accessories- Random



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  2. i love everything about your outfut from top to the shoes!:)

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    happy blogging!


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