Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ladies In Pink

I noticed that I have been wearing a lot of pink ever since this post. Ah well. I hope you're not tired of the color yet. Anyway, my mom and I attended a wedding on Friday and she was asked to wear pink so as to be different from the entourage who all wore purple. And since I was her "escort", I tried to match her by wearing a dress in the same shade. Chose this ruffly dress over dozens of dresses in Jellybean because of its structure and cute little details (hello pleats on the hem!). This dress did wonders to my shapeless skinny frame due to the volume from the ruffles, pleats, and material which was silk chiffon. It was airy, billowy and flowy. And because I was attending a wedding, I refrained from doing color-blocking and opted for quieter accessories that came in nude colors instead. What do you think? But enough about my look, let's talk about what happened that day! My mom and I were late 'coz the event was held down South at Notre Dame De Vie and we didn't anticipate the traffic to be so intense that day. As a result, she wasn't able to sashay down the aisle in her very girly gown and we had to make a grand entrance by entering late. Haha! After the wedding ceremony the bride went to the reception hall riding a carriage and a gondola! So dreamy! *Sighs* And here's when the night got interesting for me. After stuffing ourselves with scrumptious food from the reception, 15 boys and girls were asked to come up the stage for a game. The boys had to shoot tiny balls tied to strings which were tied to mini basketball rings which were tied to their waists (whew! I hope you can imagine it haha) while the girls had to find pins (blind folded) attached to the boy's clothing (Egan) who won the shooting. And who do you think was the girl who wasn't able to find a pin? Me, no less! Gah! Consequently, the honor (please note my sarcasm haha) of slipping in the bride's garter was passed down to me. My mom went wild and took like hundreds of photos to document it. Hahahaha! Oh dear me. Who doesn't love a good wedding, right? :))

dress- Jellybean
shoes- Jellybean
heart tights and envelope bag- from Singapore
accessories- 999 mall


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