Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Torn Between Two Passions

Just got home from school 'coz I only had one class today which was HUMAART a.k.a. Art Appreciation class, which explains why I'm home early and blogging. Today's little discussion in class was like an epiphany for me. We were tasked to conduct a photoshoot and come up with self-portraits then discuss our self-portraits in class. The theme of our "group gallery" was "Passion". The moment I learned that that was our group's theme, only one thought sprang into mind and yes, it was Fashion (surprise, surprise!). It was a no-brainer. I didn't even have to search far and wide and deep into the walls of my heart 'coz I knew full well that Fashion is my passion. What proved to be an epiphany for me was what my professor said about passion this morning. What she said struck me in the most positive of ways because as I've mentioned in one of my posts, I've been feeling a bit depressed and have cried over Fashion a few nights ago 'coz I felt like I was betraying my first love by pursuing a different course and yet feeling inadequate in both of these fields 'coz I don't seem to get full fulfillment from the two because maybe I just need to focus on one. I know it sounds crazy to cry over this seemingly petty dilemma of mine (I'm weak like that) but try to put yourself in my "scarlet red" shoes and you'll know how depressing this feels. But going back to what my prof said, she said that passion is suffering. It is something which brings us happiness but at the same time, it causes us pain. These two lines reassured me that it was okay to cry and hurt and be confused about it because it just confirms that I am indeed very passionate about Fashion. I mean, who cries about Fashion during random nights wherein you suddenly think about your life and what you're doing with it which leads you to re-evaluate things? Oh I do! Oh alright, could be anyone who's passionate about it or John Galliano perhaps? Haha! The thing is, today's discussion helped me by making me realize that it was normal to feel this way and that I shouldn't punish myself for feeling this way. And that, I think, was a good lesson. :)

On a side note, heads up for an outfit post by tomorrow (hopefully)! I'm going to watch INCEPTION again (but I'm not complaining!), with my girlfriends this afternoon. :) Oh and before I go, I wanna thank you guys so much for leaving me some lovely comments on my posts and even for just dropping by. i really appreciate it. Okay, bye for now! :)

ScarletApril xx


  1. nice outfit dear!where did you get that skirt?:)

  2. hey denise! :) i got the skirt at SM Dept. Store. Amazing how they have really chic and affordable pieces there noh? :) Thanks you! :)

  3. I love this photo you look so adorable! Love your blazer too!:) And your skirt ugh I want:)

    P.S. Hope to meet you soon April!:)

  4. wow i love this blog.. can i just say that you helped ME feel better. I too feel the same way about things I really want to do and feeling that inadequacy. I love fashion too and other forms of art like writing and photography.. and you blogged this at the best time cus I'm at this point where I'm re-evaluating myself on what i'm truly passionated about. i'm still confused but at least it's good to know that it's OKAY to be confused :)

  5. cute skirt! and in love with your blazer! and about your "problem" maybe you can use it to your advantage! it's always best to write on what you know, maybe it can help with your fashion career! :) more power!

  6. @aisa- hehe! thanks dear! :)

    @chevy- aww, wow i just can't believe that i actually helped someone through this post. thanks dear, and i'm really glad that this post helped you. :")

    @gillian- aww thanks dear! you're right, i'll try to use it to my advantage. :) thanks for dropping by!


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