Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fairest of Them All

Had such a fun time on Saturday when me and my grade school BFF En aka nicolethedressupdoll went to UST to act as the personal photographers and to cheer on our dear friend Camille for her college's pageant. She made us all so proud by winning the title of Ms. Pre-Com 2010 and most importantly by showing us what a beautiful person she has become both inside and out.

Here's me and En wearing almost similar outfits because we wanted to be "Camille's Support Team" and personal paparazzi. Haha!

Camille is my childhood BFF and also my neighbor so I have really witnessed her grow into one fine lady. :)

Another proud moment: I lent her one of my debut gowns and she wore it SO WELL. She was the epitome of grace and elegance in my gown and the sight of her in it made me one proud friend/designer/stylist. Haha! When I saw her glide down the stage what ran through my mind was: "so this is how it feels like to see your design walk down the runway (well in my case the stage) and how Rachel Zoe feels like when she sees her clients in an outfit that she helped pick." HAHA!

The previous Ms. Pre-Com Queen. Her gown reminds me of princesses, fairytales and Belle of Beauty and the Beast. :)

Poised and elegant while waiting for the verdict. For the Q&A part, she was asked: "If you were to play God for a day, what's the first thing that you'd do to make the world a better place?" She calmly replied: "If I were God for a day, I'd give people more initiative because once people have more initiative, all else will follow." (It was more or less that. Haha!)

Again, congrats dear on winning! (Beauty and Brains, san ka pa?) Haha!
After the pageant, me and En decided to munch after a day spent snapping pictures and yelling our lungs out. Haha!

This is just part one of my term break chronicles. I've been going out almost on a daily basis and while it's fun to hang out with the friends, it's also leaving me broke. Haha!

Much Love,
ScarletApril xx


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