Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday School Outfit!

Just finished tutoring my 'lil sis so I still have time to blog! Yey! What I'll post tonight are pictures that were taken yesternight (the sushi part) while attending to my papers and this morning while at school. Huzzah! Not posting a long overdue post this time eh? :)

So I've been busy with paper works the whole week and my eyes have been glued to the computer screen almost every night up until the wee hours of the morning and I haven't had a proper sleep since Monday. I AM NOT COMPLAININ'. HAHA! I'm tired, yes. But I know that after all these, everything will feel good and my hard work will pay off. Fingers crossed! :)

Eating sushi while doing my papers.

A drizzling morning...(photo that was just taken today). Since my Thursday wasn't too busy, I decided to bring my camera with me to school today and well, these pictures show what my Thursdays are like. Thursdays are my haggard days because my classes start at 8 and end at 4. I am not used to this since my classes during Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays usually end before lunchtime. But that's just me being a whiny brat. Haha!

Me with my grade school BFF En aka nicolethedressupdoll, seated side by side in the FX on our way to our respective universities this morning. :)

Critical Thinking was my first subject this morning.

Photoshoot-ing and goofing around after our Masscomm class.

Me and Meli: my photog for that day! (Gosh, I look like a midget beside her. Haha!) Thanks for the outfit shots dear! :)

Making chika (chit-chatting) with Yu Jung during our short break before our Intro to Film class!

Sorry if I'm not looking directly at the camera in most of the pics, I just look too haggard.

And when I arrived home this afternoon, my most awaited package for the week surprised me and I couldn't be happier at the sight of it! Bought these beige high-waisted culottes from Bestie's online shop!

I've several outfit ideas for it already!!! Can't wait to wear it and show it to all of you! What a Thursday! *Yawn* Will hit the sack now!

Goodnight mi chicas! :*
ScarletApril xx


  1. you and your friends all look great!! I'm so in love with your bag been trying to find a nice black over-sized one. and i can't wait for your outfits with the culottes! i want them too! but i don't know if they'll look nice on me haha

  2. love your outfit and your friend:) and just like you I bought something from Bestie's store:) I am excited!:)

  3. love the shoes especially. very dorothy ;-)

  4. I love your outfit, so cute! your friends are adorable & stylish too. And your shoes, love <3

    Like ko rin nail polish mo! Dati di ako sanay may nail polish talaga, di ako sanay pag makulay nails ko pero ngayon ang dami ko nail polish in diff shades hehe :)

    Lee []

  5. @chevy- hey thenks for the sweet comment! that black bag is a fave of mine, nice and roomy! and i'm excited to do an outfit post for the culottes too! :))

    @denise- really? you bought one too? yey i'm excited to see what you bought from her store! :)

    @cpsanti- thanks dear! glad you loved my shoes! :)

    @ lee- thanks dear!!! :) and i used to not care about nail polishes too but now i'm also addicted to it! haha!!! ok lang yan ang cute naman ng mga colors eh :D

  6. cute fun pics! i love it :)

  7. I love it!!
    Please visit my blog if you have time!


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