Friday, July 16, 2010

Epic Weekend!

My friend Pamee, who now resides in Australia, visited us here in the Phil. to celebrate her 18th birthday with us last week! We had a little sleepover at Holiday Inn (her treat of course!) and it was uber fun!!! We used to hold sleepovers back in the day (ancient much? grade school days to be exact) at Pam's house and having done that again (sans Pam's house), brought back a lot of happy memories. :)

Since Holiday Inn's connected to Robinson's Galleria, we decided to do a 'lil shopping first and helped Pam find a "party outfit" for our night out and then went to eat dinner at PCH.

And since I was still craving for froyo, I dragged Camille with me to California Berry to get some.

Such cute pink spoons! :)

Mine was a combination of chunks of mangoes, bananas and a sprinkle of almonds. :)

Camille's pick was California Berry Special: chunks of mangoes, kiwis and strawberries. :)

Fooling around first before getting ready. :D

Gathering 'round the table to sing the celebrant a happy birthday song! :)

Then off we went to Eastwood to parteyyy!

Here's Cams trying out the shisha. :)

Dancing to some techno beats at Manor. It was a Saturday so naturally, it was packed with people. We didn't stay long though, we thought the DJ and his music sucked. :))

Coming back way too early at the hotel. Oh well, I guess at the end of the day, we're still home buddies and not a bunch of party animals. Haha!

Yes, I was one of the first people to sleep after arriving shortly at the hotel 'coz I am sooo not a night person. Haha!

2nd part of this post and more photos on my next blog entry!

Ciao for now!
ScarletApril xx


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  2. Fun pics! Looks like you guys had a blast!
    froyo! im badly for craving for froyo now! :D

  3. @lee- thanks lee! yeah it was soo much fun! anyhoo, i'm done craving for froyo now...what i'm craving for at the moment is takoyaki 'coz your photos in your last post about 'em look sooo delish! haha! :))


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