Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Almost Back

Finally, it rains...
Classes are suspended in lower levels here in the metro and even in other universities but IDK about my uni...and since I was feeling so lazy to get up on a cold and rainy day, I didn't go to school today. Haha!
When it rains, the ground gets wet.
It rained this morning.
Therefore, the ground is wet.

Critical thinking has got to be my fave subject this term considering that I'm nowhere close to failing the subject unlike last last term when I actually flunked it. Haha!

'Til the next post!
ScarletApril xo


  1. Love the dress! :D

    I'm just wondering, who gets your photos? Is it a tripod or something?^^

  2. @chevy mae- thanks! glad you love it! :)

    @rachel ann- hi dear! my seven-year-old-lil-sister takes my photos nowadays. HAHA! i taught her myself since my cousin(who used to take my photos) is away. :))

  3. love the cuff and the shoes!!! :)



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