Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holiday Date

A quick post before I head out to the hospital with my mom. This is a bit picture-heavy so brace yourselves. Haha! Yesterday was President-elect Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III's inauguration so we took advantage of this no-school day to meet up, watch a movie, catch up and celebrate the birthdays of two of my high school friends. Went to Trinoma as early as it opened but it was already packed with people when we got there.

That's the queue for Eclipse so we watched Toy Story 3 instead. Excuse the blurry pic, I forgot to adjust the focus of the camera. Haha!

Bumped into Marren inside the ladies room.

Here are the two birthday celebrants: Debbie and Melrose.

Went to UP Diliman in the afternoon for no particular reason. :)

We just cam-whored the day awaaay!

It's been ages since we last watched a movie together. I missed them so much. Cried my eyes out while watching Toy Story 3. It reminded me how goodbyes are always so damn sad and hurtful. It made me want to not utter the word goodbye anymore but at the end of the day, when twilight had set in and washed the orange-y hues of the sky brought about by sunset, we exchanged goodbyes and hoped to see each other soon.

No goodbyes,
ScarletApril xx

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