Thursday, August 19, 2010

Memory, All Alone in the Moonlight...Lalala...

*Not really an outfit post...Hee. :)

Awkward photo of me pouring out some coke in my glass. Haha!

Mama and I went out on a date last Saturday. We watched the musical Cats at the CCP and boy was it awesome! Hearing Lea Salonga sing live was one of the highlights of my Saturday. Her rendition of the song Memory was truly beautiful that words aren't enough to convey how beautifully she sang it. I wish I could watch her in Les Miserables and Miss Saigon though. :)

The costumes, set design, the performances of the actors and the whole show reminded me of the days when I was so into theater and very much involved in my schools' drama clubs in HS and GS, in fact one of my earliest dream jobs as a child was to be a theater actress! Haha. Back in my elementary days, during English class we'd stage plays and in these plays I'd write my own scripts/stories and even direct and star in it. Yes, I was very much an all-around person then, but now that I'm in college, you could say that I'm more of a wallflower now. It's sad to think about this especially because I miss the me who was confident and the me who'd most likely take on the role of a leader instead of the follower. I guess, as I grow older, I just get more and more reserved. That my dears, is not good. Haha!

It was such an interesting night too 'coz the driver of the cab that we got into on our way home pleasantly surprised us by striking up some intellectual conversations with us. During the whole ride he talked of trajectories of bullets (and I was like: Ugh, physics?), theater, academic stuff and things that normal cab drivers (don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that cab drivers aren't allowed to talk of such things but c'mon, actually talk and debate about academic stuff too?) won't usually discuss with their passengers! Haha! Interesting Saturday night indeed.

Much Love,
ScarletApril xx


  1. You and your mum look alike! And I find the picture of you pouring out coke quite cute actually xD

    Lovely pictures~

  2. kakagutom. hihi:) your mom's pretty like you!:)

  3. I love interesting people! the random ones like yes, a cab driver. haha. Wow, wish I could watch Cats but I don't like spending for it. Haha. I save to the point that I always try to get in CCP for indie film screening / theatrical plays using complimentary tickets.

    If you love theater, try it again, you could always go back to it even after school. I freelance in film shoots and at times I go to scout in theater workshops. It's never too late the people I see there (taking beginners class) are most of the times in their 20s wanting to make it :) The lead in Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio, the Cinemalaya entry I styled for was discovered in a beginner's workshop :) Balik ka :)

    Pareho tayo, I got more reserved when I got older (specially in person). Thanks to blog, I seem to be my chatty self again. Haha. Nice photos!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. @shen- yeah, a lot of people tell me that me and my mom look alike. Haha! thanks dear!:)

    @aisa- hehe. thankies for the compliment!:)

    @melai- diba? nakakatuwa yung mga pangyayaring ganon na maka-meet ka ng mga taong ganon? natuwa talaga ko sa kanya! Haha. oh and yeah, i would really love to go back to acting but i have a lot on my plate already na i don't know which to pursue. Gahd hirap ng andami gusto! haha! As for the tix for cats, we got it on sale kasi may promo sila. 5o off. We wouldn't really spend that much on something but since it was Lea Salonga, I knew we had to get it! haha! thanks for letting me know bout the acting workshop thing! :)


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