Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunday Buzz and Monday Shoot

TGIF! I can finally attend to my blog, unwind and do other things which I don't get to do during the school week. Oh don't you just love Fridays? :)

Anyhoo, I'll start off this post with some pics that were taken during our field trip to ABS-CBN, one of the country's biggest media networks. And in one of its studios, there we sat as the audience for The Buzz (sorta like E-news of Hollywood). 'Twas fun to see the stars, witness what goes on behind the scenes of a show, and be part of it but after the taping, my butt hurt from sitting for such long hours and that was the time when I felt like I was gonna catch a cold too. True enough, a few days later, I got sick. Sucks.
The commarts people being coached how to clap enthusiastically for the show. Haha!
The show's hosts: Tito Boy, Charlene and KC
SHOES! *drools at Charlene's red-soled Louboutins!!!
That's actually Angelica Panganiban. Sorry for the "back pics", they won't turn around for the cameras!
KC was actually very nice. She's the only one who'd stop and pose for our cameras. :)
As for this week, Monday started out okay for me. I cross-enrolled at Anna's place (which was right across school) 'coz online enrollment started at 8am and I had a class that same time and day so I just got myself a bit late for my first class. After that, I met up with a blockmate, Rielle, and did a shoot for (her organization) TeamComm's newsletter.

This week has been a bit rough for me though. I've been thrown once again into a situation that will test me but I have already learned from past experiences and so far, I haven't even shed a single tear yet. Knowing me, that is no small feat. I cry about almost everything. Haha!
Lunch at Flaming Wings with my two girls Anna and Rielle before the shoot. Been craving for their chicken tenders and bleu cheese dip that day!
Wicked Oreos! WICKED indeed.
Their version of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
...and of course I had to have my froyo fix!
Another cameo from my college BFF Anna Banana. :)
What I was wearing: Bayo Dress, Parisian Jr. Shoes, Gifted bag from Spain
I was actually wearing just a tee, cardi and jeans when I arrived in school that Monday 'coz I was still sick and wasn't even bothered to dress-up so I just brought this dress with me and changed into this for the shoot. And since I was unsure of what to wear, I just grabbed this dress which still looks chic and sophisticated with its upper-half safari/military looking style and then kept the color palette monochromatic. Oomphed the whole look a bit by swiping on some red lipstick on my smackers. Sadly, you cant quite notice it in the photos. Oh well.

Ugh, gotta go take my meds now for fear of breaking into a coughing fit once again. I'm greatly embarrassed for coughing while having my classes (especially during our film class while everyone’s so silent and when everyone's asleep in the FX when I commute) and wiping my nose constantly in school. I feel like i’m gonna work out some abs from coughing too hard as well! Haha!

photo credits: Anna Banana and Riellie! Miss these girlies! :*

Much Love,
ScarletApril xx


  1. very nice dress! can i ask you where you got it? :)

  2. i love it! Looking at your photos in the Buzz is great! I love Charlene's Shoes. KC turned around for the camera? how cool :) I bet she's nice.

    Love the foodies! :P *drools* hahah, anyway, great outfit fix! :)

  3. this looks like it was great fun
    the food looks delicious and the dress is pretty too x

  4. Lovely dress! Parang ang presko isuot :D

    Nice photos, argh I cant stop thinking about food now. Wicked oreos look weird but yum :D

    Lee []

  5. @ eunice- thanks dear!:)

    @channie- haha! glad you loved looking through the photos! :) yeah, KC was actually very nice. :)

    @quite quaint- thanks dear for dropping by!:)

    @lee- presko nga yung damit. so school friendly haha. and yup, yum talaga yung wicked oreos. :)


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