Friday, August 6, 2010

ScarletApril Meets the Bestfriend

Yesterday, I met up with mi bestfriend and just spent the whole afternoon, catching up and taking photos. Nothing too special happened really except for the fact that I spent my Friday aftie with her and the sad fact that she lost her wallet. :)) :(

As for my outfit that day, I was feeling a bit retro hence the headscarf, the colored jeans and the Keds sneaks. I know, colored jeans are so last season, but what the hell it was one of my comfiest pants and I wanted a colorful outfit! :))
And here's my cute photographer, my little sister Natasha. She's the one who takes all my photos ever since my cousin left for Laguna this summer.
Decided to play stylista and lent Mel my hounds-tooth skirt and white crochet tee for her outfit shots. I built her outfit around her cute jacket. Hope it worked!:)
After our pseudo 'lil photoshoot, we changed back to our high school t-shirts (now we use it as our pambahay clothes). And after we took this photo, I told her that next to her, my chest is as flat as a board. Haha!

'Til the next post!
ScarletApril xx


  1. eeek i love love your outfit!!! Cute casual look. Love the colored pants with the headband. Now I'm thinking of buying a white sneakers! You also styled bestfriend well. Love it:)

  2. i love your outfit! :) I don't really mind if colored jeans are so last season. Yung mga tao na ganun, fashion victims yun. eh ano ngayon? di ba? You look great naman eh! :)

    And i love the way you styled your bestie! ang cute. I like her jacket! :)

  3. Wee I like your outfit dear!and you made a great work on styling your bestfriend's outfit!both of you are cute!and of course you little sister too!:0

  4. @aisa- haha! thanks dear! go buy white sneaks na din! really goes with anything! :)

    @channie- aww, thank you! onga naman. i shouldn't really care about past trends and i should still wear them when i feel like wearing them noh? well, i did! haha! thanks channie!:)

    @denise- aww, thanks denise!!!:)

  5. You both look amazing!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  6. thanks for the comment dear!I forgot to tell you that I like your eyeliner, that's the way I also wear my eyeliner...the fierce cat's eye!:)

  7. great photos!! i love both your outfits!! your little sister is adorable and she takes great photos!!

  8. Aw, love the pics + outfits <3

  9. Totally LOVE the keds sneakers!! You make them look so great! Love the pink pants too.


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