Saturday, October 2, 2010

Candy Fair! :)

I wore: cropped/trapeze-like top (The Ramp), bodycon skirt (my friend's), black oxfords (customized), balck leather bag (gifted)
I chose to wear this colorful cropped/trapeze-like top because for me it represented the bubbly and fun personality of Candy magazine. Toned the colorful palette down and balanced the flowy and loose silhouette of the blouse by pairing it with a black bodycon skirt. :)

Since Cams still had class, we went to fetch her at UST. While waiting for her, me and En decided to take photos of our outfits for Chictopia. Hee.
*in slow motion**ang pagtatagpo* *slow sound plays* haha!

These girls (and their clothes) caught our attention! So cute! Next to them though, we looked underdressed. Haha!

Me and my friends had a blast yesterday when we went to Candy Fair '10. It was fun seeing a lot of cute lil girls and fashionistas at the event but we didn't stay long since we found the place really packed with people(haha!). Plus, I was pleasantly surprised, more like shocked actually, to find that the event was handled (I think) by my college organization (and I haven't been helpful to them in the last terms)! In fact, I'm probably on their "hunt list" for members who don't participate and show their faces to the org anymore. Haha! So yeah, that made it really awkward for me to "have fun" and "enjoy" when they were busily making things go right and me not helping out. Another weird coincidence happened when a co-member approached me to have my picture taken for's Stylish Girls at the Candy Fair '10 and when I turned around to face her I stupidly blurted out "hey there! I'm from (name of org goes here) too! But I don't attend anymore...", just for the sake of saying something. Then realization struck me (and in my head I scolded myself for it) that I shouldn't have said anything at all because the lady didn't even recognize me, what with my curls, eyeliner and all, until I said those embarrassing things. Jesus! I felt like I was playing hide 'n seek the whole time I was there! HAHA!

I do wish I was active in my org, it was my dream org after all. But because I'm becoming such an anti-social, mingling with new people makes it so hard for me to actively participate in something. How ironic, considering I'm supposed to be outgoing and not socially awkward 'coz I'm a comm student.
And because Cams and I wanted to just go eat, we left the place early (we didn't even get the chance to look around that much and buy stuff), by heading out to Powerplant mall, then went to Trinoma after. What a day it was! :))

Much Love,
ScarletApril xx


  1. You girls look so pretty! :) Love yer top!

    xx, Channie

  2. Your top is really cute! I love that candy colors..

    The November Girl

  3. I love your top! You are and your friends are very stylish.. <3

    Lee []

  4. yes, those girls are uber cute :) Next time pupunta din ako dyan sa candy fair. haha. haven't been in one :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. SPOTTED: my ex's other ex gf. refer to 9th pic. from above! =))

  6. @channie and nadia- thanks girls! :)

    @lee- thank you!:)

    @melai- yes, punta ka next time! masaya naman. :))

  7. Can relate! I'm a Comm graduate and it's the course that I really wanted but I'm not as outgoing as most Comm students are. Hihi. So I get you, I get you. :D

  8. hi claud! whew! thank God i'm not the only one! haha!


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