Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday Shoot!

Hi guys! Before anything else, I wanna tell you that this post will be a bit picture-heavy. But whatever. My posts have always been picture-heavy. Haha! I dunno, I guess I just like documenting whatever it is that goes on in my life (like what we do in school and stuff like that) no matter how mundane life can get sometimes.

Okaaay, moving on...

Just wanna share to y'all the photos during the photoshoot that we had last last Friday. A friend of mine who's studying at the Ateneo asked me and my college friends to model for them for their Comm. Theory project (a magazine) and being a comm. student myself, I somehow empathized with them and agreed to help 'em. Besides, I was giddy for a photoshoot as well! Haha! She asked our friends who're studying at UST and UP to model for them too, each group representing their respective universities.

Now here's how it all went in photos (BTS shots first from my cam!):
Melissa arriving at Anna's condo with a suitcase full of clothes for the shoot! We were teasing her that morning (speaking ironically here) that she wasn't exactly "prepared" for the shoot. (in Filipino: "Hindi ka naman masyadong ready nyan Meli. Haha!)
Before this photoshoot, Anna had been complaining to me that she looked exactly the same in all of her cameos here on my blog meaning, she was wearing the exact same clothes in my photos! Haha! Because of that, I styled her for her 3rd cameo on the blog hence this cute casual outfit! She was hesitant to wear the fedora and was doubting if the skirt went well with her top at first but as you can see, I managed to get her to wear them! HAHA!
Let the shoot-ing begin! (That didn't sound right. Haha!)
And here are the photos from our photogs! :)
Here we are donning our "yabang" shirts (as Raiza called it) and spelling out D-L-S-U with our arms. FAIL.
One more time. Woohoo! ANIMO La Salle Beybeh! Haha! :D
My my, that was such a fun-filled day and I'm looking forward to more photoshoots with them! I'm really glad to have helped Raiza and her team. She and Angela (our photogs) were so easy to get along with! And of course, I can't end this post without thanking my friends Anna, Abbey and Meli for agreeing to model with me and for always being up for anything! Thanks to Meli for making the effort to bring a suitcase full of clothes and to Abbey and Anna for always accommodating me into your home in Taft. I love you guys! :")

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx


  1. You look so pretty! And we're from the same school! Love your yellow shoes!!!

  2. wow really? hello then my fellow lasallian! :)) thanks Efril for dropping by my blog! :)

  3. Hihi the pics are so funny! Love it!!

  4. you all look gorgeous! love your yellow shoes too!:)

  5. it must be a very fun day, seeing you all happy..:D great photos! I followed you, hope you visit my blog..:)


  6. You all look cute! I hope the photos turn out great! :)



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