Friday, October 22, 2010

Stripes on Floral

I already did a print on print (on print) outfit post last summer wherein I paired this floral skirt that I'm wearing on this post (worn as a top) with another floral skirt and then went flowers overload by wearing floral wedges to complete the look. Today's look (yes, this is not a late post) consists of mixed prints again. This time I paired stripes with floral prints (I know, I know I'm late on this trend but WTH I wanted to wear it still!).

And since today's outfit post is all about the stripes on floral look, I decided to include this 'lil drawing of mine 'coz it follows the theme of today's blog entry. So here it is! (Sorry if it's not too pretty, I just scanned this and it's actually not done yet. I haven't colored the body yet. Haha!)
As for the outfit post: I sort of had Rachel Berry in mind when I created this look because of the socks and short skirt combo. I wore my favorite cardi in the world that I bought from Babo, striped top from Trunkshow, floral skirt from The Landmark and black custom-made brogues when I met my two girlies Mel and Deb at Rn'B for our coffee date this afternoon. After that, we camwhore-d the day awaaay! On a side note, after looking at these photos, I realized that I really need to dye my hair again! My roots are showing! :))
Look! We are all wearing the brogues that I ordered from Aisa! Yes, the two other pairs were for them. :)
I dunno why we love conducting pseudo-photoshoots so much. Haha! I had fun bonding with Mel and Deb after sooo many months of not seeing each other. I'm a bit sad that the others weren't able to make it though. Oh well. At least it's their sembreak already so perhaps it wouldn't be too hard to organize another get-together next time(?)

Have a happy weekend everyone!:)

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx


  1. i love your drawing! :D hahaha you guys really are friends, you have the same shoes!

  2. thanks smarla! haha! yeah! we have the same taste in shoes! :)

  3. I like your shoes. Where did you buy it? I want to buy that kind of shoes too. Hahahaha. And, you're drawing is really nice

  4. hi marla. :) the shoes are custom-made. i ordered them from Aisa of drowning equilibriums. oh and thank you! :)

  5. Hi i tagged you in my post, for being one of the bloggers who inspired me the most! Hope you take time to look at it! Thank you! Stay fabulous!
    Here's the link.

  6. my gosh you're super talented! your drawing is amazing, and i love your outfit!


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