Monday, October 11, 2010

A White Party

Long overdue post! This should've been posted one month ago (uso late?)! Haha! But oh well. These photos were taken on Abbey's debut (September 11, 2010) held at (somewhere in...) Laguna. But before I recount to you guys how it all went, here's an outfit post first! :)
I wore: Parisian Jr. shoes, Landmark dress, The Ramp tights
Thanks to En for letting me borrow her gorge shoes! :)
I was very much inspired by Blair Waldorf's "Brunch" outfit in Gossip Girl season 1 when I created this look. I bought the tights first (I built the whole look around it) then I went on to look for a plain white dress since these tights were patterned already. I wanted to wear a white headband and curl my hair that day but I was already running late so I just ditched it. Haha!
The debutante in a beautiful textured red gown...
Goofing around with my college BFFs Anna and Bryan. Aww, oh how I missed these two! :)
Posing and feeling like a model. Haha! I felt like Blair Waldorf in her tights that night!

Now flashback to my debut, when everyone was super hyper and a little bit drunk, Abbey (during the photo ops) hid inside my ballgown. Haha! (Lakas trip eh noh?)
Payback time! Hehe.
After the celebration, me and my college friends decided to spend the night at the guesthouse because it was already very late at the time for us to go home.
That was the last part of my "Term Break Chronicles". After her debut, it was back to school for me again. Oh what fun. Ech. Had sooo much fun that night/day in Laguna with my college friends! I wish moments like those lasted forever.

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx


  1. Long overdue indeed but hey worth posting. A nice outfit shouldn't go to waste without sharing :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. happy pics... made me smile! like this post because i love debuts

  3. @melai- thank youuu melai!:)

    @ mae- aww, glad this post made you smile! thanks for dropping by! :)

  4. love what you are wearing and those shoes! i love your tights too!

  5. lovely pictures :)
    and those are such awesome tights and shoes :)

  6. i love your dress, great blog and i'm following you now!


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