Friday, October 1, 2010

Online Buys

Hello guys! No outfit post for today but I'll probably post one tomorrow. So for now, I leave you with photos of my recent online buys! :) Finally got 'em beautiful oxfords that I ordered from Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums! And no, the other two pairs (tan and pale pink) are not mine. I ordered them for my two girlfriends. :)) They're so pretty!
I also bought a denim button-down from my collegemates' (Sam's and Sara's) online shop 11th of October! Such trendy pre-loved pieces they have there, too bad for me they were sold like hotcakes that this was the only piece that I got.

Can't wait to wear 'em out and debut 'em here on the blog! Tomorrow I'll be wearing my black oxfords to the Candy(mag) Fair with my two girls En and Cams! TGIF everyone! :)

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx


  1. Ang gaganda ng oxfords talaga ni pax hay =p Shopping diet is killing me, haha! Yahoo a sure blogger in the fair! See you April! :)

  2. Wow, nice shoes! Kung hindi lang din ako nag titipid ngayon, I want to order fom Pax too :)

    Lee []

  3. @anagon- yes, ang gaganda nga. i love it! :)) yey! you're going tom too? see you! can't wait! haha! :)

    @lee- haha! after paying for these babies i'm on a shopping hiatus na din muna. haha! :))

  4. wow, you bought 3? andami ah.. hehe.. planning to get a pair din maybe in nude pink. ^_^

  5. @jed- oh! no. the pink and the tan ones are for my two friends. :)

  6. Nice.. Ganda talaga ng oxfords nina Ate Aise. :) What shop is that BTW? where you got your denim button-down..

    xx, Channie

  7. So comfy din. :) I bought one too, in nude pink. :) I can't wait for your outfit post wearing that! :)

  8. I love the shoes!

    I will follow your blog na para I can see your future "looks" sana you can stop by my blog also :)

    Take care!


  9. Thanks for leavin me some sweet comments dearies! :)


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