Friday, October 29, 2010

It's So Studded I'm Gonna Dieee!!!

Heya guys! Sorry for the lack of blog updates, I just don't have any outfit posts to bring you this week plus I'm currently down with the flu. Sucks.

Anyhoo, It's been awhile since I last lusted after a pair of shoes. The last shoes I practically worshiped were MiuMiu's SS10 platform swallow-printed shoes! So when I saw these studded babies on Chiara's blog, The Blonde Salad, I knew I fell in love. Again. Haha! Oh how I wish I had 99 pounds with me right now. I don't even know how much that is in Peso. Haha!

They're just so studded I'm gonna dieee! Haha!This pair is not from Kandee though. Red soles and pure awesomeness, can you guess it's brand? Yep, they're Louboutins. Holy Canoly I'd kill for a pair of these. well not really, but you get the picture. Haha!

Photos courtesy of: The Blonde Salad and Kandee.

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx


  1. Hi i tagged you in my post, for being one of the bloggers who inspired me the most! Hope you take time to look at it! Thank you! Stay fabulous!
    Here's the link.

  2. aww, thanks Eunice! I'm really honored to be awarded this. I'll go check the link now! :)

  3. Those shoes look dangerous... but oh soo cute!

  4. @kat- hahaha! that is perfect way to describe it! :))

  5. hi where'd you get the brown bag from?

  6. @anonymous- the bag's not mine. i just grabbed these photos from Chiara's blog (i linked it). But i do know that it's an alexa chung mulberry bag. :)


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