Sunday, October 7, 2012

Green Miss

Look at me blogging (almost) right on time! These photos were taken just yesterday during my niece's debut (7th birthday)! I've been attending A LOT of children's party lately. I guess you could say that these are my very own "blogger events". *laughs* Anyway, I was away from my QC home and was holed up in my Manila dorm for 2 weeks straight because I've been on the hunt for a job. I just went home this day because my big sister asked me to be the "official photographer" for the event. This, ladies and gents, was my 2nd comfy photographer outfit. Go ahead, click the link to see my 1st "I-am-a-photographer-look"! See, I like dressing up for these things. Big or small. It's like playing pretend! You know those games you play as a child like wanting to be a doctor when you grow up? Yup, well I was a legit photog in my mind here. Haha! Because my ensemble was leaning on the sexy side though (wattup body-constricting corset and mini!!!), I dressed it down by wearing comfy loafers instead of heels to make the look more youthful and playful. Good decision on my part too since I did a lot of walking and squatting around. Btw, excuse my photos with my sis-in-law's brother around! He was goofing off while me and my little sister were taking my outfit shots so I barely got decent shots without him there! Ah well. 

blazer- Tomato
corset- bought online
skirt- Bubbles
loafers- Parisian
bag- Esprit
necklace- The Ramp


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