Monday, September 24, 2012

Blue Me Away

You know how as children, we ladies tend to pretend like mommies around kids younger than us? We ultimately assume a commanding and responsible mom role if we're a few years older than them. Well, I got to play mommy the day these photos were taken because Mark invited me and my niece Mischa to his nephew's 1st birthday party. At first, I was secretly kilig with the idea of playing house with him (still so immature and playful at 20 haha), but I guess that was only natural for me to feel because I wanted to imagine what our life would be like together as a family. And maybe because I came from a broken family, I was curious to see how a man acts as a father/fatherly figure to a child. Mark was just splendid. Then again he's such a caring person so it came naturally for him. And as for me, I'm proud to report that I did a fairly good job looking after Mischa. Athough, I just slumped back in Mark's car totally spent and withdrawn from everything else after the party. This day just made me more appreciative of my mom and mothers in general but more importantly, I realized how harder it is for the young mothers out there. Suddenly, it's not just about you. The world and how you view it shifts. You are forced to grow up. The virtues and responsibilities of adulthood are shoved at you all too soon. You go from a narcissistic, self-centric teenager/young adult to a selfless, hardworking, and responsible woman. 

top- random brand
skirt- Tomato
shoes- Parisian
necklace- H&M
bag- mom's


  1. Love the contrasting colours of your outfit!

  2. I'm sure Mark and you will be great parents. =)

  3. Thank you Joana! That was intentional :)

    Aww thank you Chyrel! I certainly hope so! :)

  4. You two make a cute couple! :') Nagppractice na ba? :) Ninang haaa! =)))))))

    IMY! =( hope to see you soon!



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