Saturday, October 13, 2012

Acid Trip

This look screams modern 90's to me. I'm not so sure why but maybe it has something to do with the flatforms, the leather, and the print of my blouse. It just looks grungy in a not so cliche way. I wore this to a children's party (yet again!) btw. I was so bored halfway through the program that I started cracking up jokes to my sister which resulted to us laughing like loonies. I swore to her that I will never let my child attend kids' parties and would rather let my kid be a loner than go through all these boring parties again! I even went as far as imagining a scene where my kid will show me the invitation and I will tear it to tiny pieces or even burn it. *evil laugh* Of course I was just kidding. Haha!

top- from my mom
shorts- H&M
flatforms- Manels
aviator shades- H&M
connector ring- Bubbles
bracelets- random


  1. Mile high legs and I love your leather shorts!

  2. Photography technique lang to create illusion of longer legs! Haha! Thank you still Chyrel! :)

  3. Awesome outfit! I love your sandals!:)

  4. Oh! I love your bright outfit! And lol about your imagination! :))

  5. Hahaha! Thank you Ishna! The thing's you'd do and think when you're bored! :D


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