Friday, October 19, 2012

Chase The Sun

I literally had to chase the sun to be able to get good lighting for these photos. Well, not literally but you get the picture! The sun was about to set in a few hours so I dragged my good friend Bea to immediately take these shots. My friends were laughing at me because I was looking up at the sky with a very concerned look on my face and was telling them, "yung araw, yung araw!". I cannot emphasize enough how important good lighting is. Haha! So anyway, here's another print-on-print outfit for ya! I wore these shorts here and used it for a more subtle type of print-on-print look. This time, I went real colorful with it and paired it with florals (and polka dots still)! It made sense for me to pair it with this blouse because of the same fuchsia pink accents. So what do you think? 

Thank you to Bea for taking these photos for me!

top- F21
shorts- F21
necklace- F-Stop
bag- Mom's
shoes- Pampanga


  1. Galing ko naman kumuha ng picture! hahahaha =)))

    Love it! ♥


  2. I like it and I totally understand how you feel about good lighting! :p

    I enslave my friends sometimes. It's for the blog.

  3. Bea- Oo naman! Thanks ulit Atey! :*

    Chyrel- Hahaha too funny! Oh the things we do for our blogs :)) Thank you!

  4. very nice, love the colors :D

  5. Yup! Lighting is really important! And the pictures turned out great.

  6. I love your blog so much...but alas I'm always in a rush so I never have time to comment :) REALLY NICE LOOK!!!!
    Much Love
    Chari T (deep fried Stilettos)

  7. Hahaha! No biggies! We should have a GNO or a pajama party soon! Sulitin ang sembreak! :) HAHA!

    K of A&K


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