Friday, July 13, 2012


And I'm backkk! If the malware problem of my blog hadn't been fixed by now, I swear I'd get blogging withdrawal/anxiety. I wonder if you guys get that too? Anyway, a million thanks to my hero-slash-IT-expert-slash-tutor Mark for helping me with this! 

Now onto the look! This was my outfit when we went out to celebrate Father's Day at Shangri La Chinese Resto. The top and shorts seemed like they were meant for each other, yeah? Decided to go all matchy-matchy on this one for that quirky-fun look. If you're scared to try out the print-on-print look, then I have two tips for you (not that I'm an expert on this or anything). 1) Polka and stripes are a match made in heaven. There's just something about combining straight hard lines with soft round curves like circles that makes it geometrically pleasing to the eyes (woah, Geometry! Haha!). But seriously, if you're still not too "out there" in trying out this trend then you should definitely go for this more subtle print combo. 2) Tone it down so your outfit won't look too busy. In my case, I opted to wear a top with a simple cut (t-shirt) and plain front design. All of the print action was happening at the back. Then I used black accents and stuck to two color schemes which was black and fuchsia. 

Hope that helps! :)

top- Forever21
bag- bought online
shoes- Parisian
accessories- DV



  1. beautiful the top and the skirt.great jewelry too.

  2. love your fringe bag and cool outfit :D


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