Monday, July 2, 2012

Indie Rock

So this was my outfit for Bloggers United 3 last June 2 held at Grandsview Events place in Makati. This whole look came together last minute actually and I couldn't be happier with the result! I was again, playing out a fantasy or a different persona here, one who just got out of bed, grabbed yesterday's too-cool-for-you-tee, and slipped on some thigh-high stockings that would make Taylor Momsen proud. Of course, that thing about wearing yesterday's tee wasn't true. Although I did wear the neon tube top for the 2nd time in a row that day! Sorry. Haha! I must say the best outfits for me are those that aren't planned. However, as much as I liked this look on me, I must admit it was kinda hassle to wear because of the high side slits of my shirt! Hubadera fasyooown! I wore this out to the movies before I went to BU3! What was I thinking, right? I was shivering the whole time and thought I was gonna catch a cold, or even worse---pulmonia! Haha! Total miscalculation of the weather too. It rained and wasn't hot and humid at all. No worries, I came out alive, pulmonia-free, and lived to tell you this story. Haha!

top- Forever21
neon tube top- Forever21
shorts- random brand
stockings- from Singapore
shoes- from Hong Kong
satchel- Coconut Gold
web necklace- Simone's Closet


  1. gaah! i want your top! <3
    you totally rocked the outfit! :)

  2. I like the peek a boo neon! Rocker chic!

  3. Thank you Yna! That was the look that i was going for naman! hihi :)

  4. nagcommute ka ba ng nakaganito? o u got a car? haha curious :))


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