Friday, July 20, 2012

Tangerine Flowers

Oh dear. Look at me blogging at an ungodly hour...again. My body clock is so messed up right now, I've been waking up automatically at 3 or 4 in the morning then going back to sleep a few hours later. If I remember correctly, my previous post was also typed and published during this hour. The scenario was this: I suddenly woke up in my dorm bed. Groggily and instinctively knew it was 3-4 am. Willed myself back to sleep but just can't. Felt more alert than ever, thoughts sharper and clearer. Uttered "What-the-hell" and just grabbed my laptop and typed away. This post has been drafted for so long it's begging to be published NOW. Do bear with me and my 4am thoughts. :)

These photos were taken on a random shopping day out with my mom and meeting with my lover! (Ha-ha-ha!) This kind of outfit easily became my uniform. Sheer collared blouse, metal neckpiece hidden underneath collars, slim-fitting jeans and heels. I didn't even notice that I've been wearing too much sheer tops with collars like this until Mark pointed it out. I don't think my love affair with it will end anytime soon though. What can I say, it perfectly suits my style.

top- Forever21
jeans- Jag
shoes and metal neckpiece- F-Stop
clutch- from Singapore


  1. amazing outfit!love the shirt and the shoes are so gorgeous!great styling :)

  2. That is a great top! And you styled it so well. You look gorgeous. Love your blog.

  3. Thank you Erin and Claudine! :*

  4. I'm always scared waking up around 3am coz I remember the movie Exorcism. lol. Love your look, btw! :)

  5. Hahahaha i do get frightened every once in a while esp when i think of paranormal activity! Haha! Thanks Char!

  6. i love ur top and ur shoes are gorgeous!


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