Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Primary Colors

Last Friday, I was at Trinoma (yet again) to meet up with my high school friends! Terribly missed these girls 'coz the last time we went out was December last year! And just like the "Wear Your Tights Day" blog entry that I posted here, my HS barkada and I unintentionally dressed up with a theme which was "primary colors"! Only noticed it while I was editing the photos. Our outfits had blue and yellow in it while Debbie was wearing red! Haha I just think it's so cute that my friends and I are brain sistahs!
Finally got my hands on a copy of Room! I'd been eyeing this piece of lit since forever, not that it was pricey (it's only P315), but I just didn't want to shell out money for it 'coz my mom and I have this agreement that she's my financier for books. And since we were still not talking (we had a squabble), I had no choice but to buy it myself. Haha! (Masama pa loob eh noh?) I'm actually almost done reading it and sad to say, it's not as exciting as I thought it'd be. Oh well, at least I'm over obsessing about it and I can now move on to another book! Here I go again with my obsession on bookshopping. It's just like being addicted to shopping for clothes, once you shop, you can't stop (haha that rhymed)! Last night, I was browsing through goodreads.com and I was able to come up with a VERY long list of books to buy/read! Gaddemnit I need more moolah!

Overall, t'was a lovely day for a nice chat over cold frappes, shoe-shopping (Ara bought the sexiest nude pumps!), bookstore-hopping, and just laughing the day away with the my closest gal pals.



  1. I love your shoes, girls!:) and your leggings are too awesome, Jonessa!:) haha my mom's my financier for books too =p And parents seldom have an argument if it's educational, i think =p

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love your style, your friends are adorable and that lipstick is perfect!

  3. i sooo agree with you ava! they won't think of it as sayang. books are investments daw. haha! Thank you ava!:)

  4. heart charlie- thank you! glad you love it. :)


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