Friday, March 4, 2011

Update For Update's Sake

Let's start with last Thursday...

That was the day I got my first real pay. Haha! It wasn't much and the job was absolutely tiring but the feeling it left us was priceless and very fulfilling. Nothing beats the feeling of a job well done. En an
d I were hired as photogs by a former HS classmate of mine at Diliman (Prep School) for their project in school. We arrived at their uni that day feeling nervous (I dunno about En, but that's what I felt) 'coz I don't really consider myself a professional when it comes to that (after all, I'm still learning) but the fact that Karen, our client, (naks!) trusted us was enough to make the jitters all go away.

Even though that day was very long and tiring, clicking away with our cameras and hearing the students ask us for advice in "posing" saying: "Ate patulong naman kung anong pose oh.", made me feel giddy inside. They made me feel like I was in control of the situation which in turn made me THINK that I was indeed in control of it. Haha! Though to be completely honest, when they asked for my help, I wanted to laugh and answer them: "ako pa tinanong nyo tungkol dyan eh I suck at modeling din!" Haha!

After 3 or 4 hours of shooting the girls and boys (uh...that sounded wrong haha) and calling it a day,
En and I felt our knees quiver and shake due to kneeling, standing up, crouching and basically just being all over the place! Haha! But y'know what, I didn't mind it. The experience was definitely something that I savored. It was fun while it lasted. Hey, it was a memorable first for me. Haha!

BTS photos from that day:

2 nights ago...

"She'd loved only two things. The first was her long dark hair. The second was how easily she could cut it off and feel nothing."
So two nights ago before I went to sleep, I pulled a Summer (of 500 Days of Summer) by chopping 5 inches off my long locks in a snap! Haha! I'm not sure what got into me that night and I did it. Now, I'm just waiting for regret to wash over me. The ends of my hair were just too dry and fried that I badly wanted to do something with it. I'm planning to have it fixed in the salon soon but right now I'm enjoying it being bluntly cut. Haha!

P.S. 'Tis my 1ooth post! Yey! :)

An update for update's sake. :)



  1. wpw so brave! I can never cut my hair off! the last time i did that i was 4!:)) and my mom was not happy about it. =p But yours look nice! and love the cards theme up there!

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  4. Jer!this daaay was tiring,but I had a lot of fun sa part na nagdinner na tayo!hahahha :)) went to the salon yesterday,cut my hair,lost 3inches.:/ :P


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