Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wear Your Tights Day!

Funny how we all wore tights that day. We didn't even plan to match outfits. Haha!
My outfit for that day was inspired by Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). While sorting through my closet the night before, Rachel's preppy outfits kept flashing in my mind. Then I remembered how she described her look to Brittany (Heather Morris), she said it was "Sexy Schoolgirl Librarian Chic". And since I was feeling all schoolgirl-y that night/day, I came up with this (though one blockmate told me I looked like I was going to church). Haha!
So much like a "Kamiseta Moment".
My fake tattoos. I really want to get one but my mom won't give me her consent. Bummer.
These photos were taken on Friday when we met up with Rachelle at Trinoma. After the girl session we had at the mall, REJ and ERJ still didn't go home and instead spent the night and the following morning at my house. These girls just couldn't get enough of me, noh? Hahaha!

*Sighs* I'm so glad I'm done with my midterm papers in two of my majors. My birthday week was definitely rough on me. On my 19th I didn't get any sleep at all due to a paper I was finishing, because of the lack of sleep, I had a meltdown in the bathroom while taking a shower resulting to really puffy eyes, and I almost got run over by a car on my way home from school on my birthday! Most inauspicious I tell you. Also heartbroken 'coz I didn't get the chance to watch T. Sweezy's concert. I'm just glad it's over. :/ Haha!



  1. i love your look, so preppy! and the cross fake tattoo is so cool, hope you get an approval soon..:D


  2. Happy friends!:) I love your skirt so much, Jonessa! I'm quite heartbroken myself too, but with something else haha :)

  3. wow there is cinnabon already in the homeland? pwede na me umuwi!!! weeeeeeeee!!!

  4. Wow! Seeing you guys reminds me of my friends in Cebu.. I miss them.. I'm away from them as of this moment..Sad. =( By the way I love your outfit. Keep it up! And stay pretty!


  5. Love the fake tattoos! Cute! Cute post!

  6. for a second I thought those tats are real! =) You all look cute! Love the skirt dear! =)

  7. mickey- thank you! glad you love it! i hope i get it soon. :)

    ava- hihi thanks! ohmy you're heartbroken too? hope everything will be fine for you! :)

    mae- yes we have it here na! :)

    krystal- aww it sure is sad to ne away from friends. wish you can see your friends soon! thank you!:)

    aisa- thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu! :)

    aie- haha! i wish they were real. thank you!:)


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