Friday, February 4, 2011

Pink, Girly Things, and Macarons

(lace blouse- Forever21 | shorts- The Second Shop | cameo necklace- Forever21 | shoes- Taiwan)
Late post is late. These photos were taken last weekend. Funny how the week went by with a theme hence this very girly post.


*Sweet to look at and sweet to the taste French Macarons (they're not from Laduree though so I guess that doesn't make them French? Haha!). I love them, especially the pink ones (mainly 'coz of the irresistible pink hue and the cake ganache in between).
*My little sister dressed in a pink tutu! So adorable. :">
*My outfit last Saturday. (Forever21 lace blouse, The Second Shop shorts, Forever21 cameo necklace, Brogues from Taiwan)
*Newly acquired Etude House Pink Lippy! Such a steal. Its color is close to MAC's Pink Nouveau.

Hmm, I'm surprisingly not verbose (here on the blog) today.

Much Love,
Scarlet Aprilxx


  1. The pictures are SO pretty, Jonessa! Love the macaroons shots and your sister and your outfit!:)

  2. the food and your outfit - yummy!

  3. those macarons look yummy!!!! :) great outfit too! i love your shoes:)


  4. Cute outfit :) Girly look really suits you :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. Cute photos, Jossa! I love the whole girly ensemble :)

  6. thank you so much girls! i appreciate your comments! :) <3

  7. your have a killer body and the clothes look perfect on you ! :D *jealous har har

    and its the first time that i hear the name "jonessa". it pretty much rocks just like ur blog :D

  8. I love the photos specially the 3rd one. The macarons look yummy! And your shoes, I like! Oxfords are love <3

    Lee [Oh Yeah, Coffee!]

  9. I love the photos! I love pretty and colorful things! :-) And I love your outfit as well. You're so pretty.

  10. JeanneS- thank you for the very flattering comment! haha! didn't think of my name as something special before. :) thank youuuu glad you enjoy my blog. :)

    lee- thanks so much lee! and oxfords/brogues are indeed <3. :)

    ishna- thank you dear! :)


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