Thursday, January 27, 2011

8 Little Facts

Hello gals! As promised on my previous post, I will blog about 8 random facts about myself in accordance to Channie's Stylish Blogger Award since I wasn't able to put 8 facts about myself in the last post. Anyway, here goes. Hope this'll let you get to know me more. :)

1.) I have this uncanny ability to catch cockroaches.

Eww I know. It was on my 16th birthday that I developed this skill (if you can even call it that). I was happily asleep when I felt something flutter by my headboard and just like that I caught it with my
bare hand as if it were acting on its own accord (take note I was sleeping! Haha!). Panira ng beauty sleep. After stirring a 'lil, I realized what I just did and went straight to the bathroom to wash my hands and soak it in alcohol. Haha! 'Coz of that incident, my family now teases me as the "Ipis Queen" 'coz they think it follows me wherever I go and that I'm the only one who has the special abilities to catch 'em. *Shudders* gross naman. So not glamorous. Hahaha! :))

I can draw and it's heavily influenced by my love of anime.

3.) I love detective stories, mysteries and police procedural dramas.

I'm not sure if I have expressed this enough here on my blog but I love those things mentioned above. In my intermediate years, I was already into reading Nancy Drew mystery books. Now though, I'm more likely to read Sherlock Holmes and Lisa Gardner's crime novels. I still love Nancy though and she will always hold a special place in my heart as the first sleuth who got me hooked on detective stories. As for the police procedural dramas, I'm currently loving Criminal Minds, NCIS, Bones, and CSI among others.
The yellow ones are my Nancy Drew books.
4.) I want to be a detective/FBI agent if I weren't into Fashion/girly things/and if I were tough enough to qualify for it.

Random and almost foolish, I know. Haha! If I were living in an alternate world/reality, I'll be an FBI agent specifically assigned in the Behavioral Analysis Unit specializing in profiling criminals or as a detective/teen sleuth. This must be due to my love of
number 3. :))

5.) I am a homebody.

I only go out when my friends call for one but that doesn't happen often since we usually just meet during the summer and term breaks. And, I dunno about you guys but I enjoy staying in and bumming around the house all day. I like watching TV, reading novels and surfing the net all-day and I don't find doing those things boring. Hehe. Whenever there is a family outing which involves going to the beach (most of the time), I'd gladly stay home instead (as I am also not a beach babe). My blockmates could also attest to this since I seem to always be in a hurry to go straight home after school hours. Yes, home is definitely where my heart is. Haha!

6.) I think I have a very "split-personality" erm well...personality.

No, I'm not talking about the disorder. I can't fully explain it but I seem to have two, almost completely different personalities. One of which is my being such a prim and proper girl. This is usually exhibited when I am around new acquaintances. I guess it's because of how I carry myself when I'm speaking (like how I get so formal all of a sudden for reports and stuff like that) and some say the "accent" which contradicts my very bubbly disposition and my Tagalog/Filipino-speaking, wapoise (no poise), bakla self.

I am wapoise in real life.

Do not be fooled by my uhm...graceful(?) poses as seen on my photos here on the blog 'coz I am a very wapoise lady. I laugh really hard (as in yung tipong distorted na yung mukha ko kakatawa, high-pitched laugh with matching pa-sipa sipa effect pa at sabay hampas sa katabi) which earned me the titles Jossabayo (Jossa + Kabayo), Petrang Kabayo (due to the pag-sipa gesture that I make when laughing real hard) and a whole lot of other names that have been thought of by my friends. Haha!

8.) I am drawn to nerdy, super smart guys. (mapa-fictional man o totoong buhay) Hahaha!
Sorry but I rarely get attracted to jocks, the prince charming and the boy-next-door guys. I usually develop crushes on nerds/smart guys and the like. Hahaha!

For example:

Artie of Glee (Kevin McHale)
Dr. Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds (Matthew Gray Gubler)
Did you know that his character in Criminal Minds has an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory and can read 20,000 words per minute! Hell yezzz I super crush him! Now that's my kind of guy. HAHA!
Tom of (500) Days of Summer (Joseph Gordon Levitt)
Well, I certainly had fun doing this. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Though I'm pretty sure you find me weird now. Oh well. Haha!

'Til the next post!
Scarlet April xx


  1. I love detective stories, mysteries and police procedural dramas too! I can super relate with the nancy drew books and criminal minds on tv! wait, did you see last week's episode?! ang hot ni reid during the first scene when he was sitting down wearing dark wayfarers! hahaha! sorry i'm gushing right now, first time i found someone who liked him too :)


  2. @Reg- Hahahaha! Aww i think I missed that! But I super try my best to watch it and i get so giddy when reid gets a lot of air time in an episode. Haha! Wow, can't believe i found someone else who likes him too since my friends tease me a lot about liking nerds and how reid isn't really hot daw. Hahaha!

  3. wow! are those all your nancy drew books! HUGE collection!:) NICE! and I love watching detective series too! CSI is the best!

    And i really admire your talent in drawing. All i can do is doodle=p hihi.

    Homebody too! I'm not into partying or anything related to smoke =p

    Love your 8 facts, jonessa!:) very honest

  4. the ipes story is unbelievable! I can't imagine you catching one. lol!=) Panalo yan! hence it's no. 1 in the list. Nice one!

  5. wow! i admire people who can draw, and those are lovely!

  6. Funny how a number of things you listed down seem to describe me too. :)

    Beautiful drawings, by the way! :)

  7. can totally relate to your the artsy and toughness in your blog by the way..follow you now. =)

  8. i love the outfit you are so inspiring please follow me also at blog spot...
    i saw all you drawings and i envy you,,, i also love anime and mangas too :)
    i love this outfit so inspiring.. please miss scarlet help me and please be my friend.. your such an i con... love :)
    so nice :)

  9. i love reading detective books too and sherlock holmes one of my faves too :) i also love smarty good boy guys thus my bf jr :) Hehehe!

    Melai of Style and Soul


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