Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hectic Fridays

(studded cardi-K2 | high-waist shorts- The Second Shop | leopard oxfords-Ichigo)
Here's an outfit post and a photodiary for last last Friday. Wore this to school (and to a few other places) but I wore sheer tights underneath 'coz there's a dresscode policy in school. Anddd...I'm back to my red lippies! Yeahzzz! I missed it!:))

I only had my PUBLISH class that day and here's what went on in that class.
Blech. Using Indesign, we did a layout of our "own" business magazine. (I wish we did a fashion mag instead, that would've made it easier and much more exciting for me. Haha!) My blockmates were all so good at it that my work looked blah and fuggly next to theirs. :/
After my class, I went to meet Rachelle in Trinoma, so that we could both go watch and support our dear friend Camille for the Ms. UST 2011 pageant. There we yelled our lungs out and woot-ed like crazy! All our efforts paid off 'coz she won 2nd runner up! *sniffs* Proud childhood friend (kababata) right here. :">
The pageant ended at around 11:30 pm so the girls spent the night and the following day (which was a Saturday) at my place. I'm telling you, having sleepovers twice in two weeks at my house really exhausted me. I'd rather have sleepovers at another friend's house, I mean, where's the fun in sleeping in your own room? (And you call that a sleepover? Haha!)

The following day, we toured Rachelle at Rn'B 'coz the last time she went there was when we were still in grade 6. (See, she just got back from the UK, so as her grade school BFFs we felt responsible to show her around the place again). But I'm not complaining, I missed her to bits! Plus I really enjoyed it when she would slip and use a British accent. We wait for it all the time. Haha!
Le sigh two Fridays in a row now that I have been constantly out with the friends and holding sleepovers at my place. Girls, next time...please let me enjoy sleeping at your homes for a change naman ha? :)))



  1. Nice shoes! And these photos are so good. :) I'm happy for your friend.


  2. I really love your cover up, jonessa! the studs are awesome! love the leopard shoes too! congrats to your friend!

  3. really awesome photos! was gonna buy the same oxfords at ichigo before but i got the nude ones instead! hehe you look super cute, i wanna go back for the leopards!

    join my Stila giveaway!!!

  4. the look reminds me of the chic muse! =) I love the leopard oxfords!

  5. marinela- thank you! glad you like the photos!

    ava- thank youuuu!this is probably my fave cardi yet!:)

    fashioneggplant- thank you! yeah you should definitely go back for the leopards again!:)

    aie- oh you're right! it's been a while since i last used my red lippies and i think it's the hair that did it. haha! Thank youuuu!:)

  6. amazing shoes!!! I love it!!!


  7. super love the brogues!!

  8. You look fabulously. I am loving every inch of your blog. Awesome taste, Jonessa. =) And btw, if you don't mind me asking, what camera/lens do you use for taking pictures. I love how detailed and sharp everything is. Thanks in advance.

    Love to you,

  9. afiane- Hi dear! thank you! I just use a canon EOS 350D. It's not that capable of creating bokeh coz i only use kit lens hence the sharpness of the background. =)thanks again!


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