Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blast From The Past

Tomorrow, I will submit my midterm paper for INSERCH. Oh and yeah, it's my 19th birthday too. How nice, my birthday week is also midterms week in school. Blech. Guess I'll have to pull another all-nighter tonight. Huhu. What about my beauty sleep? Haha!

It's actually the first time that I'm dreading having to add another year to my age. I dunno, I think it's 'coz I'm afraid I haven't accomplished much in the last years or maybe I'm just being too hard on myself and I don't see the things that I have already achieved. Well, whatever. All this birthday stuff had me reminiscing about last year's celebration. My 18th was definitely something I would never forget mainly 'coz it made me see how much I'm loved by my family, relatives and friends. That night I was extremely grateful to God for gifting me with another birthday and for everything that he's given me, my friends who live in the South 'coz I know it was definitely a looong drive to QC but they still came anyway, my high school and CTAC friends who surprised me by showing up when they said they couldn't make it, my grade school friends that have stayed in my life even after my life in GSCS, my blockmates who made transitioning from high school to college easy and bearable for me and my family for loving me so beautifully and unconditionally I could cry. :">

I'll just have to remind myself how lucky I am for everything that I have in my life 'coz now that I think about it, worrying myself about getting old is so stupid and petty. I guess when we get too comfortable in life we tend to forget how blessed we are. Though I won't be getting enough sleep tonight, I'm so thankful for tomorrow. :)

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx


  1. wow happy birthday dear! :]
    i love your black/red gown on your 18th! glamorous!

  2. happy Birthday Jossa! I love the theme on your debut! You look fantabulous, as usual :)

  3. As a kid, I remember being excited about growing up para makapag-suot na ako ng heels haha! I'll be another year older on March 3rd and honestly I don't like the effects of "getting old" haha. But age is just a number. Another year, another blessing. Happy birthday Jonessa! Bongga nung 18th birthday mo teh! :D

  4. aww birthday blues.. don't worry, i'm sure you'll enjoy your birthday! and you better be, it's your last teen year :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Jossa! :) See you around campus! :)

  6. Happy birthday. Jonessa!:) really lovely debut photos!!:) I miss mine..4years ago ahaha i feel old!

  7. @Thrifty fashionista, channie, mimi, ava, hazel - thank you for the birthday greetings! :) :****

    @lee- thank youuuu! pero you're right age is just a number, at least i don't look like I'm that old. haha!

  8. HAHAHA!love the photos bebe.now ko lang nakita yung iba.haha :)) love youu:)

  9. I really love ur blog because its so colorful and girlish in a clean way.
    the pictures are so cool



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