Friday, November 26, 2010

Gray and Brown Leopard

No matter how hoochie/crazy/bold animal prints (specifically leopard prints) may seem to some people, I will continue to wear and love the print still! Which leads us to this very "animal printed" outfit post! Haha!
(cardi-Babo | tank top-The Landmark | leggings-So FAB! | bag-gifted | shoes-Blacksheep | beanie-Khush)
Another one of my "cardigan looks". Just another fuss-free, simple and comfy school outfit yet again. If you'd ask my blockmates, they'd attest that I wear cardigans to school almost on a daily basis. They're my go-to pieces when I'm running late for school, which is always. Haha! I wore this (minus the beanie) last week actually. Just forgot to put it up on the blog on time. Whoops.
And, look at these new lovelies that I got from Ichigo! What did I tell you about me lovin' animal prints? Haha! Well, got nothin' more to say! I hope you're all having a nice weekend!

'Til the next post!
Scarlet April xx


  1. Jonessa, I love this! :) super cuuutteee! I shall try this look. love those brogues too! :D

    xx, Channie

  2. yes, go try it for yourself! thanks channie!:)

  3. i'm kind of hesitant wearing animal printed stuffs, but you just gave me the courage. :)
    and i love that ichigo oxfords! :) stay fabulous jonessa!

  4. you definitely style them well because they certainly don't look hoochie on you :) very nice!:) ichigo is really love when it comes to animal prints :)

  5. i love the pop of the print . so fantamazing ! i also love brouges :))

    lots of love . ennaid !

  6. I love this! You mixed and matched everything well! Petty! <3

  7. cute outfit@ i gotta check so fab for the leggings! like asap! :P thats soooooooo cute <3

  8. thank you for the sweet comments girls!!! <3 :**

  9. Love your outfits! Great blog!


  10. I'm definitely a fan of animal prints. I think you look great in those leopard/cheetah print leggings.. oooo and your new oxfords are awesome! I'm still looking for the perfect pair for myself. I sorta want it in a pony hair (but with leopard print of course!).

    Hope your day is going wonderfully!

    xx Love & Aloha


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