Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back to Black and Faceless Ego No More

Back with an outfit post, yey! Sorry for being MIA, I'd just gotten over my uninspired mode. :)
Here’s yesterday’s school outfit. God, I missed wearing monochromatic outfits!
(wearing: Mags Blazer, The Landmark skirt, tights, custom-made brogues, gifted black bag, Abbey's dripping chain necklace)
After being stuck in a style rut and for being uninspired for the longest time ever since this term started, I'm glad to say that I've finally found something that inspires me! Yes, I am like an ancient poet/painter who is very dependent on a muse and turns to her for inspiration. Haha! But before you make the inference that I am in love or what, let me tell you now that NO, I'm not and that my source of inspiration is not a person. And you might find me weird when I tell you guys that what inspires me--to dress up and go to school--is the topic on existentialism that we've discussed in my Philo class. I feel like I'm turning philosophical about life now. Haha!

So, how'd it all start? Well, it was in Philo class and we moved on to the topic of Existentialism. I had always wondered about it and had already looked up its definition on Wikipedia out of sheer curiosity and boredom one random and unproductive day but I guess I never really understood it until it was discussed in class last week. But before I blab on about it and bore you to death, I'll just cut it short and sum it all up for you. Basically, an existentialist exists in this world without being a conformist. Existentialism is about existing but not like a lifeless and inanimate object that is there but "not really there" because it doesn't have "presence". An existentialist is not just a face among the crowd but someone who stands out and goes against the grain. So there, the lesson about it struck me in the most positive of ways.

The dilemma was I was feeling uninspired to dress-up (and other things) and so I couldn't feel the thrill of it 'coz I was holding back in creating outfits. I didn't want to be stared at 'coz of what I was wearing so consequently, I dressed like an ordinary person in school and blended into the crowd. I was a "faceless ego", just like what Miss said. And so I started thinking and took the topic on existentialism to heart and that got me inspired again. As Aquamarine said, "why go through life unnoticed?". Couldn't agree more. I know, I'm weird. Haha!

These were taken yesterday after class at Anna's condo. Decided to take their photos as well for...I dunno, nothing in particular really. Just a 'lil photo shoot to pass the time, I guess?

Love Abbey's cropped floral cardi! :)
Anna called this the "This is SPARTAAA" look. Haha!
Mae loves her "animal" prints. :)
Cuteee floral dress! :)
Photos of me in Taft Avenue while waiting for the FX to arrive. Oh dear me, shameless picture-taking on the streets. Haha!
Look at me fiddling with the skin on my fingers while waiting. I am such a fidgety fidget-er who fidgets a lot! *fidget* *fidget*
Why is it that some people in school give me “the stare” whenever I wear these tights or any other tights for that matter? Just because we live in a tropical country doesn’t mean I can’t wear one, right? Ahh, screw them. :))

'Til the next post!
Scarlet April xx



  2. hey denise! thank youu! will look forward to that! :)

  3. i love your outfit, i just wore tights and skirt today..:) i love your cropped jacket and the sparta dress of your friend anna..:D


  4. i love your houndstooth skirt!

    followed you. :) hope you could drop by mine when you have time. :)

  5. i love your outfit. its fabulous to pieces!! <3
    and the last phooto. i like it. ohwell i mostly wear tights but i dnt really give a ff to those kind of people! lets wear whatever we want :)

    Taradiddles of a Style on a Budget

  6. Lovely photos!!! I like your outfit. ;-) By the way, I just left you an award in my blog. :-)

  7. Nasabi ko na ito dati, you have fashionista friends haha! I love your outfit girl, dont mind them onlookers. Dati niloloko rin ako ng ofismates ko pag naka-tights, sabi "may party?" Sabi ko "Pambahay ko lang kaya ito." lol :)

  8. you girls look lovely. Great skirt, looks so classy.xx

  9. thanks for the lovely comments guys! your comments make my day! :)


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