Thursday, November 25, 2010

Comfy Basics

Outfit post for today! But before that, lemme share these pics that I grabbed from Ms. Ana's blog, Fashionista Commuter. So Thursday afternoon, me and my friends decided to check out the stalls that were along SJ walk before heading out to class and waiting for the bell to ring when lo and behold, Anagon collection was there too! I must admit I was a bit awe-stricken upon seeing Ms. Ana herself standing right in front of me. Fellow bloggers = celebrities to me, so yeah...Haha!
(photos grabbed from Fashionista Commuter)
(Yey! A photo of us together! Nice meeting you in person Ms. Ana! I can't believe she recognized me. :D)

And now, for a proper outfit post! As you may have noticed, I wore this dress tucked in jeans when I wore it out to school. And when I arrived home, mama and I went out to go to the mall and I wore it as a dress 'coz I was sick of the jeans already.
I would like this doodle on my wrist to be a real tattoo but my mom would not give me her consent to get inked. But someday I'll probably get one fo'sho. Hee.
(black cardi, Babo| white dress, random| belt, my friend Abbey's| oxfords, Maphisto)
Today I wore something very simple and comfy to school. Really, basics are indeed very helpful (and I love them for that) when one is having a nothing-to-wear-crisis/moment. Before I entered college, I remember reading an interview of Belle Daza in a local fashion magazine asking her for advice about college fashion. While it's fun to be adventurous about dressing up, it's always good to have basic pieces in your closet that will never go out of style and will help you maximize your wardrobe. She advised college-bound teens to stock up on basics and LOTS of 'em. I hadn't realized the importance of "the basics" until now that I'm in college myself. I find it hard to mix and match pieces that are too distinct therefore making it a struggle for me to find something decent to wear to school every morning while rummaging through my jungle of clothes.

Happy Thursday everyooone, yeah! (Well, for me anyway 'coz schoolweek ends on Thursdays for me.)

'Til the next post then!
Scarlet April xx


  1. Haha okay lang yun. Just incase you have time, may bazaar ako ulit sana makapunta ka UP Campus Bahay ng Alumni Dec 10-11 10am onwards. I'm sharing a booth with sock and sole! :)

  2. You looks good and i like the cute doodle:)

  3. too bad i didn't see you during the bazaar :( i shared the booth with ana, but i had class, so i was only there for a certain time. Love your outfit, btw!:)

  4. @melai- ooh, yes dadalhin ko din mga friends ko if ever makapunta kami sa UP on those dates. thank you!:)

    @gingerSnap- thanks honey!:)

    @ava- yey, thanks ava! aww, sayang nga! i would've loved to have met you in person din!

  5. So cute! :) Thank you again Jonessa a! :) Stay pretty! ;))


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