Monday, November 15, 2010

Blue Denim & Gray Pinafore Dress + Blog Awards

Hello everyone! This was supposed to be blogged yesterday but our internet connection had gone haywire again. So glad it's ok now though. I honestly can't survive a day without browsing the net and visiting my fave blogs! I was just gone for a day (in the blogosphere) but it felt like a week for me and I'm already swamped with blog posts that I have yet to read! Haha!

Outfit post:
Wore this out on Saturday when En and I went to chill at Starbucks and finally got ourselves the sticker cards for their 2011 planner that afternoon after En went through my closet to borrow some clothes for their CFAD Week.
I tried to match her outfit by wearing something that was blue and gray as well. I wore my 11th of October denim button-down and gray F&H pinafore while En wore her blue and gray F21 romper. :)
On a different note, I was just awarded 2 blog awards by Efril of Love & a Bad Hair Day and Eunice of Legally Pinay! Thank you sooo much girls! Knowing that people actually read my blog means so much to me. At least I know now that somehow, my blog is appreciated. Haha!
But before I can claim the Versatile Blogger Award, I have to follow a few rules first!

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.
Seven things about me:

1. I love books so much, just as much as I love Fashion.
2. I don't own flip flops, even pambahay slippers. I don't like wearing 'em 'coz (I think) I have ugly feet and only those who have nice feet can wear 'em. Haha!
3. I love to draw.
4. The one thing I cannot leave the house without is my face powder.
5. I'm a sucker for detective stories! (books, anime, movies etc.)
6. My fave veggie is broccoli. Mmm...
7. I like wearing flats more than heels because I don't like towering over people. Heels make me feel tall and conspicuous? Haha! (Like duh? I know.) :))

There. Now, I'm on to tagging 7 people! :)

Confessions of a Self-aholic
Anagon's Blog
Char and Nina
Simone's Closet
Spunk and Glam
Dred Reveries
Legally Pinay


  1. Thank you for the award! =)
    Ang cute ng outfits mo and ng friend mo, so chic! :)

  2. Don't know how I haven't come across your blog before! Am now a follower =)


  3. i love your dress!:) and congrats on the award!

  4. Love your blog!! I hope you will visit or follow mine:)

  5. sis as always you are pretty and just like you I like wearing flats too! I feel like you are my younger sister :)

    Congrats for the award dear! And thanks for giving me an award too!:)

  6. babe I gave you an award here:

  7. @ safron haze- haha! thanks for following, will follow you back! :)

    @ava- thank youuu!

    @nicolin- thanks! will def chack out your blog! :)

    @denise- thanks babe! that was so sweet that you think of me as your lil sis! hee. and thanks for the award!:)

  8. Jonessa! Thank you soo much for the award. This is our first award(for Charnina), so we'll treasure this. :"> You're so sweet, it's really touchy din that somebody's reading our blog posts. hehehe. :)

  9. Thank you for the versatile blogger award. :) I'll be doing a post about that. And I like your shoes! Same here, I like flats more than heels. :)) Stay fabulous Jonessa, the award made my day. :)

  10. beautifull post :D i'm new on blogger and from now i'm your follower :D if you want to follow me this is the url: xoxo

  11. hi jonessa, encountered your blog through visiting my other blogger friends from the PI... glad to discover your site & style! love how you balance girly and edgy elements together. i'm a new fan!:)

    hope you can visit/follow mine if youd like:)


  12. yey! <3 im a follower. i love your blog! :)
    i love your outfit! and your friends too! <3

    Taradiddles of a style on a budget

  13. Jonessa, you are a doll! Not clothes beautify you, but you make them look glamorous.

    I'm a first time visitor, read many posts. impressed!

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