Monday, November 1, 2010

'Coz Halloween's The Perfect Time To Play Dress-ups

Hello guys! Before I start off this post, let me just greet y'all a Happy Halloween first! There. I'm actually feeling better now and today I have something really special to share with you all! Yesterday, I spent majority of my afternoon at En's place conducting a Halloween (mini) photo shoot. While I was practically achoo-ing almost every minute when I was sick with the flu and was fairly miserable, I was concocting a 'lil something-something for the blog. When I finally got better, I immediately called for this shoot!

On to my costume then!
I dressed up in the gothic lolita fashion of Kanon Wakeshima, a Japanese singer/cellist. I adore her so much because she's very talented (she sings, plays the cello, and draws pretty well!) and she has this sweet and spooky look going on for her all at the same time!So whatcha guys think? Since I didn't have any gothic lolita costumes on hand, I improvised by wearing my 4th year HS prom gown and tucked all the excess fabric inside my hot pants! HAHA! Then I just wore my white blouse underneath and pinned my black ribbon on the collar. :)
And because I don't play the cello, I figured I'd just use my violin instead. Here's my violin Scarlet making a cameo here on the blog! :)
En dressed up as Wednesday of Addam's Family. She looks creepy right? Haha!
And this is where they mistook me for the Mad Hatter. Probably 'coz of the tea party set-up and the red hat. :)
Here's En wearing my 'Lil sis' cute pink tutu skirt and playing the part of...Hmm, I dunno, Dita von Teese? :)
Well that was certainly fun! It feels so good to see the ideas that you have materialize right in front of you through the photos that you see. God, I love Fashion and dressing up. Haha! Hope you liked the photos and the looks that we came up with!

So who/what are you guys going to be for Halloween? :)

'Til the next post!
Scarlet April xx


  1. i nejoyed this post dear!:) I wish to have scenes like this with you!:)

  2. Awww, I really really love your Halloween costume. So pretty! Great inspiration..

    The November Girl

  3. @jam- thank you dear! :)

    @denise- thanks sweetie! glad you enjoyed this post! :)

    @nadia- aww thanks so much honey! glad you love it! :)

  4. You look awesome! Haha! You look prettier than the Japanese singer :)

  5. ang cute ng mga photoshoots niyo jonessa. :) very talented :D

  6. @ marla- wow! thanks dear! haha!

    @char- thank youuu! meron ka palang blogspot acct. i will follow you na! :)

  7. nice post jo! super love. you guys look like you had soooo much fun :) nice seeing this! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. hahaa! thanksss melai!:) yes, we had so much fun! glad you loved it! :)

  9. wow! i like your lolita look! you nailed it <3
    ohh plus that tutu skirt is so cute!!! i want i want!

  10. matagal na ko may account kaso dineactivate ko na mga blogs, kakagawa lang namin(with Nina) ng bagong blog. Thanks :D Help us advertise :D San mo ba inaadvertise blog mo?

  11. yes, i followed yours na. :) hmm, hindi ko inaadvertise tong blog eh. i dunno, i just join alotta sites, i guess. hee. :))


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