Saturday, August 25, 2012

Printed Bottom

An outfit thrown on last minute. Mix and match of what I have in my very limited "dorm-wardrobe". Lately, I've been finding it hard to pick which clothes to bring to my dorm and which to leave untouched at my home in QC. Every sunday afternoon before I leave for the dorm, I grab almost every piece of clothing in my closet because I can't/don't plan my outfits for school ahead of time. So I figured, just get as much clothes as possible and wish that they'd all pair up well together. Come Saturday, when I arrive home in QC, I pick out clothes for a random day or night out with friends and I stare blankly at my almost empty closet. Sometimes, when I'm having a senior moment, I'd anxiously run around the house looking for this and that, then I'd remember that it's at the dorm. Sometimes I wish I could just buy an entire wardrobe of clothes for my home in Taft. That'd be pretty convenient albeit a lil extravagant. Hehe. 

tribal skirt and studded cuff- Bubbles
denim button down- F-Stop
sandals- Trunkshow
bag- Lollipop
metal neckpiece- Superb Bazaar
bead bracelets- Love Eyecandy


  1. I like the print of your skirt. =)

  2. Those sandals are the shit. They are so freaking awesome and structural and abstract while being comfy and flat. Way jealous of you for owning such awesome shoes. :)

  3. Exactly! That's why I couldn't pass them up when I first saw them! Thanks Anni! :)

  4. Very nice outfit, I especially adore the sandals :D

  5. thats a really cute shoes and skirt! :)

    Mind if we follow each other? Please let me know. :)


  6. love your metal neckpiece! it completes your edgy looks :)


  7. thank you Indah! I completely agree! :)

  8. loving your skirt to death! :)

  9. I absolutely adore that printed skirt, your style is so darling & playful!



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