Saturday, August 18, 2012

Code Red

Having worn this outfit reminded me of a phase in fashion that I had back then in 2009-2010 wherein I was very much into monochromatic and B&W looks. I'd don an all-black ensemble and inject a jolt of color, which in my case was always red. My 3rd year prom gown which I posted here during my earlier days of blogging was black and white houndstooth, an unlikely choice if I may say so myself, and complemented it with red lips and hair accessory. I guess this "formula" has always been a part of my "style equation". 

Something about this outfit screams preppy-lass-in-the-streets-of-london to me. Think...Alexa Chung. Must be the argyle-like tights, the vintage satchel, beige culottes, and these red floral oxfords. My fave element in this look would have to be my red shoes though. First, I got it real cheap for 197.50 php at Manels during their Anniversary sale where everything is 50% off (btw, the sale is still ongoing and will end on Tuesday so you better make a visit now!). Second, it has replaced my long gone fave red pair (and I can't quite believe that it took me this long to find a new one when clearly, red is my fave color). Third, they're a much modern-looking oxfords that come in a non-traditional color like black, brown, or cream. And lastly, the shiny finish reminds me of Dorothy of Oz's iconic red shoes. Sulit kung sulit! Haha!

lace top- SM
shorts- Shop Capricious 
tights- HK
vintage satchel- Manels
shoes- Manels
necklace- Shop Dressupdoll


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