Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Timeless and Classy

WOW, just WOW. Blonde Bombshell much?

(source: http://www.google.com)

I must admit that these photos are something. I'm not a huge fan of Blake Lively especially after she took on the role of Serena because I'm more of a Blair fan but these photos can't help but make me admit that Blake looks beautiful and seductive here, well she always has been, but I find this look sexier/classier on her. She could be the modern day Veronica Lake in these photos. I approve...not that she needs my approval or anything. Haha!

But Blake looking stunning here is beside the point, the reason why I posted these is because this will be the theme of my debut. Old Hollywood Glamour. I have always had a liking for this era and that is why whenever there is a formal event, I would always channel the style during the old hollywood era.
I've done it before during prom and I'll do it again on my debut. I think that this style is a part of me. Yes, I'm still young and have yet to find what my real style is, but for now this is what I am, well at least some part of it. Hey. it's one step to finding out my OWN style. :)

(after painting our faces in the salon)

(I was inspired by Jenny Humphrey's hairstyle in one of the episodes in GG, hence the hair do)

(that satin choker was a last minute creation by my sis-in-law because when I drew the sketch/design for my gown, I envisioned myself wearing a choker and yes I designed my own gown)

It's nice to think that while most of the girls went for princessy gowns, I went for something old hollywood. Heehee. :">
Now I can't wait for my debut!

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  1. Blake Lively's classic hairstyle reminds me of Samantha's hairstyle on Bewitched,but of course a bit different


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