Sunday, March 21, 2010

Because the Baby is Now a Lady

Shopping for two days straight in search for the perfect outfit to wear at my dear friend's debut was definitely fun but admittedly a bit tiring. Had fun scouring the mall with my good friend Ara and may I say that our purchases did us good especially our wallets. Hee. :">

with the pretty in pink debutante :)

Bodycon dress + floral shoes...unlikely pair? Nah!

'Twas a comfortable outfit despite the snug fit of the dress.

A little photoshoot with them. Sorry, most of our pics were taken inside the powder room because of the wonderful lighting. HAHA! Oh alright, I just didn't know how to make use of my SLR in the dim light which in turn, slows down the shutter speed. I have yet to figure out how to work this camera. lol.

My HOT BFF. :)

The Lady in Red.

I have such lovely and fashionable friends! :)
Happy 18th Arpp, thank you for sharing that wonderful night with us.

Love Love!


  1. What a gorgeous little dress -- and in such a fun, bold color as well!
    xxoo Josie

  2. hello! thank you for the sweet comment. :)

  3. i like the red shoes of your friend!do you know where did she bought that?and i like your dress too!:)

  4. thank you, in behalf of her. haha. she said she bought her shoes in greenhills, it originally cost like 3k but then she got it on sale for only 800. so there, it was really a bargain. :)


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