Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Hot Afternoon...

After postponing a lot of our meet-up' last, we were finally complete this time! It's been so hard to gather my friends for us to meet up even just for a cup of coffee. If it weren't for Ara--the impatiently patient friend of mine (haha!)--this event, not to mention the photos, would've been non-existent.

Which leads us to my first outfit post! (Yey!)

Inspired to dress up cutely because I've been listening to a lot of K-POP songs lately.

It was a comfortable outfit, no doubt about it, but I was wrong when I wore it during the afternoon, especially since it's getting warmer here in the Philippines. But hell, I'd rather sweat it than not look good at all. Oh the things I'd do for Fashion. HAHA!
We don't frequent this place anymore unlike before...Oh well, it's good to be back. :)

Awww, my favorite people. :">

So, the inevitable introductions...

Hello everyone! Jonessa here and this is my personal style blog! You'll be seeing my outfits here and anything that I find beautiful and anything artsy fartsy. This will be an avenue where I can express my creativity and love for Fashion, photography and the arts. I am a Communication Arts student but my first love is Fashion. That is one of the many reasons why I felt like I needed to have a fashion blog. Haha! I've been meaning to create my own fashion diary for quite some time now (in fact I've had several blogs before this, all of which, left abandoned) and it is only now that I finally had the courage to push through with it. I hope you'll share this beautiful experience with me...

Love lots my dears,
Scarlet April xoxo

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