Sunday, September 2, 2012

All Good Food Has A Story

Just like this post, here's a 'lil summary of the weeks that had passed. Most of the photos on this post are different types of food that I have eaten as of late with the special people in my life. Amazing how sharing food or bonding over it can be very intimate and have amusing stories behind it. Let's start, shall we?
Ever since I started dorming, Mark picks me up every Sunday at Orlando to hear mass together. I'd like to think that the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Makati has become our default church. This time though, we attended mass in Magallanes and went to Paseo de Magallanes for afternoon wine and tapas.
Our first Gnocchi dish together. I love everything potato btw so this was just pure love. Ordered it in our favorite sauce: al funghi e porcini. We have tasted this sauce in 3 different types of pasta now: risotto, penne, and gnocchi. I think we've had enough of it already. Haha!
His favorite prosciutto laid on thin slices of pizza at Mona Lisa in Alabang. Mark doesn't fully understand that I enjoy eating with him. I guess it's due to my lack of enthusiasm/poker face when eating that makes him think that way.
Buy 1-take-1 moist cakes at the newly opened Mezza Norte at Technohub in QC. Finally a mercato-ish food bazaar in the North! Went to the opening with my grade school friends one stormy night. :)
My favorite breakfast. Waffles, hungarian sausage and runny sunny side up! :)
Is there really such a thing as a katsu craze? Maybe we were just craving for breaded pork. Whatever. Tonkatsuya is one of those hole-in-the-walls that we tried out which offered delicious katsus in very affordable prices. It was also a plus that the place felt somehow authentic what with its simplistic Japanese-looking interiors (nothing too fancy really), mangas stacked up in shelves and real Japanese customers flocking said place. Haha!
A random Saturday with friends going around in Fairview at the back of my friend's pick up truck. Wind in our hair & Katy Perry songs. Feeling very bagets lang.
One of our favorite snacks, Tri Mo Shawarma Co's famous shawarma in Lagro! Even the name's cute and funny!
 Army Navy in Taft with my cousin Mariel, during one of her visits. 
Mark made me try his favorite dessert, Tony Roma's hot cookie skillet sundae. Quite pricey for dessert (400php) but I guess it's okay to indulge once in a while. But we vowed to go back there and try their steak entrees that are considerably cheap. 
Truffle fries at Charlie's Grill and Grind in Pasig! Lasang Gaas at first taste (according to Mark) but hey that's truffles for you! Haha!
Korean food for dinner with my college BFF Anna Banana over at University Mall! Bibimbap and Bulgogi Wrap. 
PS. I'm no food blogger. Hihi. This is just an attempt to summarize the weeks that had passed for me in food photos. :)


  1. omg! I met Mark when he came here to Cebu along with other fashion bloggers. I am so kilig that you're together! hahaha!


  2. I'm hungrrrrrry!!!:) and yiiiii!:) You and mark look good together :)

  3. Sana naman tumaba na ka sa kakakain mo. XD

    Supportive Bea-tch ♥

  4. Chyrel- Hehe yup nakwento nga nya na he went there before! thank you! :)

    Ava- Thank you!!! :)

    Bea- walang pag-asang tumaba eh haha

  5. Magyar says thanks but no thanks for the write-up! Hahaha!


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