Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oriental Bloom

Here's my 2nd outfit in Bohol! Refrained from pairing this mullet skirt with a body-hugging top and paired it with a loose and flow-y blouse instead. I figured, with a top like this, the whole look will appear more laid-back---perfect for summer and for doing touristy things all daaay! I think I look like a modern oriental princess here actually, hence the title. Leave it to this skirt to make you feel like one with its trail billowing behind you when you walk! As for these shoes, well they're inspired by the Viviene WestwoodxMelissa collab. I think they're a nice alternative to your beach flipflops (see my previous post for jelly flats). So what do you think of this look? I hope you like it! :)

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shoes- from HongKong
top and skirt- 168 mall yo! Whattup!
aviators- Gucci
earrings- from waaaaay back when


  1. love the skirt so pretty!

  2. Your earrings look good :) Di ba mabigat? Dami abubut eh :)))

  3. Not at all Nicole! Haha! They're surprisingly lightweight. Super thin metal lang kasi sya. :))


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